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Lizard and Dragon Food

One of the many responsibilities that goes along with pet ownership is taking care of those pets and feeding them a tasty, nutritious diet to help them live a long, healthy and happy life. And no matter how gross the food seems to you, it’s delicious to your pet. For instance, how does an appetizer of meal worms, an entrée of rodents and a side dish of crickets sound to you? Not so tasty? Well, to your pet reptile or amphibian, that meal sounds absolutely delicious! If you’re not thrilled about the thought of feeding living things to your pet reptile or amphibian, you may be more of a dog or cat person, but if you are not squeamish about feeding crickets and mice to your pets, then you’re in the right place to find everything you need to feed all types of reptilian and amphibian pets. Zen Pet Supplies’ online store has food for all different kinds of reptiles and amphibians available now at affordable prices.
There are numerous different types of food items to offer pet reptiles and amphibians. For smaller carnivorous lizards and amphibians, feeding them a varied diet that includes insects and crickets dusted with supplements, such as calcium and vitamins, will help achieve optimal health, and for larger carnivorous reptiles, such as lizards, bearded dragons, and snakes, rodents provide an excellent food source. The most important things to know about feeding a pet reptile is what to feed him and when. You cannot expect a nocturnal creature to eat in the morning, and vice versa. Also, if you find out that your reptile needs a certain type of food, then it’s your responsibility as his caretaker to make sure he gets that type of food, even if that type is baby mice.

Here are just a few of the different types of food we carry for reptiles: Iguana food (moist pellets); bearded dragon food; gecko food for juveniles and adults; reptile veggie mix; reptile omnivore mix; bearded dragon medley treats; adult and juvenile bearded dragon food; mealworms; crickets; grasshoppers; cans of papaya; cans of banana; and formula food for bearded dragons. Before feeding your pet reptile, be sure you’re giving him the right kind of food recommended for his species. If your pet reptile refuses to eat, you may not be choosing the right food for him, or you may be putting the food out at the wrong time of day. Ask an experienced reptile owner for advice, or do some more research online to find out what could be keeping your pet from eating the food you’re offering. Please shop Zen Pet Supplies today for your reptile’s food.