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Itch Relief for Dogs

Dogs will scratch. It’s a fact of life that most dogs will scratch themselves and some will scratch so much that their owners will wonder if they have fleas! There are so many reasons a dog will scratch his skin; bugs are certainly not the only culprit. Skin conditions even as mild as dry skin will cause a dog to incessantly scratch himself, and because we never want to see our dogs suffer, it’s important to know that there are a number of affordable, effective itch relief treatments for dogs available today at Zen Pet Supplies. If you feel better having your vet diagnose and treat your dog, that’s totally understandable. But if you do your own research and figure out why your dog is scratching, you can order itch relief right here on the Zen website. In no time at all, your dog will be free of the urge to scratch himself, and you can rest assured knowing you brought made your dog much more comfortable for just a few bucks.
At Zen Pet Supplies, itch relief for dogs comes in various forms including a spray, rinse, and gel. Our itch relief treatments utilize veterinary formulae and provide very rapid relief for your scratching K9’s. If your dog has very sensitive skin or has had a bad reaction to a product in the past, please consult you vet before applying any type of itch relief medication to his body. But if you feel your dog has responded well in the past to any type of similar treatment and don’t think he needs a vet visit, then please do a spot test of a small area, and see how your dog reacts.

If you use one of the itch relief treatments on a small spot on your dog and it seems to improve, then please feel free to use the spray, gel or rinse on all areas that seem to be giving him trouble. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle as improper administration of any health and beauty aid can lead to discomfort for your dog. Hopefully, you and your dog will find relief with itch relief treatments for dogs from Zen Pet Supplies. If you're not confident that a product is safe for your dog, simply contact your veterinarian and ask him/her what their opinion is regarding itch relief for dogs. If you need a particular flea or tick product for your dog and don't see it on our site, please check back again soon because we update our dog product inventory on a regular basis.