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Inside Reptile Tank / Habitat Heaters

If you’re a frequent visitor to the Zen Pet Supplies’ website, you have probably read some of our other pages about the reptile terrarium products we carry in our inventory. If you’re a reptile owner, you know how important it is to set up a habitat that very closely resembles their habitat in the wild. When reptiles and amphibians are taken out of the wild and placed in human hands as pets, it’s our job to make sure their environment is safe, secure and similar to their wild habitat. In order to create an ideal home for your pet reptile, you have to do some research or seek guidance from an experienced reptile owner because their habitats have very specific requirements, and one of those requirements is to properly heat (and cool) their terrarium according to the needs of their species. We carry a number of heating elements for reptile habitats including inside heaters that provide the warmth they need to thrive.
Providing a habitat that resembles their natural habitat takes time, effort, patience and research. The intrinsic rewards of knowing you’re providing a safe, comfortable environment for your pet reptile is a great feeling, and your pet will thank you for allowing him to live in a space that’s similar to the one he experienced in the wild. Keep in mind that different reptiles require different types of environments, and establishing and maintaining the proper amount of heat in his terrarium is one of the most important aspects of creating his home away from home. Inside heaters for terrariums are necessary because these fascinating creatures are cold-blooded and cannot adjust their own body temperature to suit their environment. That’s just one reason it’s so important to choose the right heating element for your pet’s terrarium.

Cold-blooded reptiles require a large amount of direct light and heat for optimal blood circulation and to maintain a healthy level of activity. This is why you'll often see reptiles basking in the sun, much like humans lay out in the sun to get tan. While natural sunlight works to provide all of the light and heat reptiles need in the wild, pet reptiles require artificial sources of heat for basking and warming. We have a large inventory of heating elements, bulbs, and accessories to meet the needs of all different types of reptiles, and our inside heaters are reliable, durable and affordable. Reptile habitat bulbs and other heating accessories are necessary supplies for your terrarium because they provide the warmth needed to keep your pet healthy and to mimic his natural environment in the wild. Heat lamps emit warming rays without producing light that can alter your pet's natural rhythms. Heating accessories including heat cables and heat controllers make installation of your inside heater quick and easy. Please check out the inside heaters for reptile habitats available now at Zen Pet Supplies’ online store.