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Hermit Crab Thermometer

If you’ve read some of the other product pages here on the Zen Pet Supplies website, you have read many times that one of the most important aspects of taking care of a pet is providing a habitat that closely resembles that of their habitat in the wild. As a hermit crab’s caretaker, it’s your primary responsibility to do research to learn how to provide a proper environment for your little guy, so he can thrive and live a nice long healthy life. One of the most crucial aspects of any “caged” environment is the temperature in the terrarium, so whether you own a snake, lizard, turtle, bearded dragon, tortoise, frog or hermit crab, it’s your job to create and maintain the proper temperature, and you can do that by keeping a thermometer in your “crab-a-tat.” Zen Pet Supplies has a number of affordable, high quality thermometers that will provide an accurate temperature reading every time. These inexpensive, invaluable thermometers are a must have to keep your hermit crab alive and well.
In addition to thermometers, we also carry a number of hygrometers in our current inventory; hygrometers measure the humidity level in a habitat. We even carry products that are both a thermometer and a hygrometer in one, so you can check both levels daily with just one piece of equipment. Keep in mind that all reptiles and crustaceans require different types of environments, and there’s no one exact temperature or humidity level for all reptile/crustacean habitats. Be sure to do your homework so you know what your hermit crab’s habitat needs are before purchasing a reptile thermometer or hygrometer.

Before adjusting your crabitat’s temperature, you must first consider the temperature of the room it’s is in because cage location means everything for hermit crabs and reptiles. The room you house your hermit crab’s cage in can mean several degrees difference in the ambient room temperature. Rooms that face the west or south are warmer than those facing east or north. In two-story residences, keeping the crabitat downstairs means lower ambient temperatures. Because heat rises, rooms located above the ground floor are warmer than those below the ground level. Even within a room, a considerable temperature gradient may exist, so you may want to position the terrarium on a shelving unit according to the needs of the particular species of reptile you own. If your windows face the sun, a window shade will also help keep the inside temperatures cooler. As you can see, there are many factors to consider when adjusting the temperature of your crab’s habitat. On a side note, you should know that hermit crabs should not live alone, so you should always buy at least two hermit crabs. Their name is a misnomer because they thrive most when they have a companion in their cage. Please check out the large selection of thermometers and hygrometers available at the Zen Pet Supplies’ online store.