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Hermit Crab Food

Research in recent years has led to some more information about what we should feed our pet hermit crabs, so this new information has proven quite helpful for hermit crab owners. In the wild, hermit crabs eat a wide variety of foods including fruit, decaying wood, leaf litter, plants and grasses, and items washed ashore by the ocean’s tide (sounds yummy, right?). Well, it actually is for these cute little guys. Needless to say, hermit crabs are not the pickiest eaters, which makes them super easy to please when it comes to their culinary preferences. Hermit crabs find food in two ways: by smelling it and by seeing other crabs eating it. While even the "experts" dont know everything about a hermit crab’s diet, they do know that if they become deficient in some nutrients, they will get sick and could even die. For this reason, it's very important to know what to feed (and not to feed) your beloved pet crab. Zen Pet Supplies carries a good selection of hermit crab food that includes the nutrients that have proven to keep them healthy and nourished.
Similar to all living things, hermit crabs require certain substances and minerals in order to thrive and stay healthy. For instance, just like many other animals and humans, they require calcium, carotene and antioxidants. You will be able to tell from drastic color changes in your pet hermit crab that he is not getting the nutrients he needs, and you can adjust his diet accordingly. To make sure your crabs get adequate amounts of carotene, you can supplement their diet with brightly colored vegetables, like corn and carrots. Great foods for hermit crabs are foods that kids typically have to be bribed to eat: fresh fruit and veggies and fish, nuts and seeds. And by nuts, we don't mean chocolate-covered M & M's! Hermit crabs flourish the most when their diet consists of natural, healthy unprocessed foods. So, avoid feeding your hermit crabs McDonald's and Tombstone pizzas!

Land hermit crabs are omnivorous and therefore eat just about anything (carnivores are meateaters and herbivores and plant eaters). Crabs also like tannin-rich foods, such as oak leaves and tree bark; even though red wine contains tannins, avoid pouring your hermit crab a nice bowl of Chianti with his dinner. Drunk hermit crabs are not a pretty sight! Before giving your crabs these foods, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned by rinsing with water and then completely dried, and keep in mind that crabs like crunchy leaves. For this reason, you’ll find some “crunchy” hermit crab food at Zen Pet Supplies. Some of the hermit crab food in our current inventory includes mineral blocks, hermit crab crunchies, crab cuisine, crab cakes, canned hermit crab food, red banana fruit, hermit crab meal, and hermit crab fruit salad. By offering your pet hermit crab food from our inventory and your grocery store, you'll provide him a nice variety and a well-balanced diet. Please check out the hermit crab food available now at Zen Pet Supplies’ online store.