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If you have been reading about hedgehogs here on the Zen Pet Supplies’ website, you may have read one of our other pages that gives a crash course in everything you ever needed to know about hedgehogs. If not, here’s a condensed version just in case you’re interested in adding a new pet to the family and are looking for a pet that is not traditional like a cat, dog, rabbit, or bird. How about a hedgehog? Yes, a hedgehog! These cute little guys actually make great pets. But are you wondering what they look like and if they will get along with your existing pets and maybe your existing humans in the home? Those are all valid concerns. You can adopt a hedgehog as you would any other small animal because sometimes people will buy or adopt a hedgehog and then realize it’s not the ideal pet for them and will take him to a shelter. That’s where you come in to rescue him! Please check out hedgehog cages for sale at Zen Pet Supplies when it’s time to set up your new pet’s home.
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A hedgehog is a spiny mammal of the subfamily, Erinaceinae, and there are seventeen species of hedgehog found throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand. The name hedgehog indicates the pig-like snout this animal has, and he absolutely adorable. But what can you expect with a hedgehog? A hedgehog’s intelligence is comparable to that of a hamster, so they do not come when they’re called or seek out human contact. Hedgehogs can learn very basic behaviors (they will approach a water/food bowl when put down, for instance). If hedgehogs are treated gently and shown human affection, they will socialize and bond with the humans who love them. When you first bring your hedgehog home, he will need time to transition to his new environment. A typical pet hedgehog weighs between 6 ounces and 2 pounds and need about the same amount of space as a guinea pig. Hedgehogs are super quiet; they make very little noise at all, and they don’t shed like some dogs and cats, so if you’re allergic to those animals, a hedgehog may make a great companion for you.

Because they are not rodents, hedgehogs are not predisposed to chewing or destroying everything in their wake, and they don’t require shots or vaccinations but occasional veterinary checkups are suggested. They’re typically not aggressive by nature, but they will use their spines as a defense when they are scared, nervous, or feel the need to protect themselves. Be sure to set up all of your pets’ habitats before they arrive at your home. You’ll find different sized cages and different styles of cages here on our website, and be sure to do your homework before choosing a cage for your hedgehog. If you know someone who owns a hedgehog (which may be hard to find!), be sure to ask for some advice before investing in any type of cage for your new pet.