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Hamster Products

Is it time to add a new pet to the family? Do you have a dog or a cat but are looking for something a little bit smaller that can stay in a cage while you’re away from home? If so, have you ever thought about a hamster? These cuddly, adorable little creatures make great pets, and for children, they make wonderful first pets because they’re fairly low maintenance. You just have to teach your children that these little creatures are very small and delicate, and that the utmost care is necessary when handling them. If you decide to adopt a hamster, be sure to check out all the hamster supplies available now at Zen Pet Supplies, your one-stop shop for everything you need for just about every type of pet you can think of. If, while shopping for hamster products on our website, you can’t find something specific you need, please contact us or check back soon because we update our pet product inventory on a regular basis. What you’re looking for may arrive any day now!
  • Bedding

    Our hamster bedding is made from the highest quality materials to ensure the optimum in pet comfort and effectiveness. It's biodegradable and easy to dispose of.
  • Cages

    Give your hamster the life you are accustomed to.  Shop now and save on hamster cages with enough room, it will make the neighbors jealous.
  • Deoderizer

    Deodorizes odors in animals stool, urine and body internally when added to their daily water supply. Keep your home and theirs smelling fresh.
  • Dishes / Bowls

    Our hamster bowls are fun and fashionable. Give your furry friend the highest quality feeder.
  • Dust Bath

    All natural mountain pumice in a fine dust grade to keep your critter clean and cuddly! Critter Bath Powder is perfect for dwarf hamsters and gerbils who love to take dust baths.
  • Exercise Wheels and Balls

    Great for providing exercise inside or outside of the cage. Can also be securely hung on mesh cage sides. Available in assorted colors of blue, pink, purple and green.
  • Food

    Nutritious, balanced and diversified diet designed specifically for Hamsters and Gerbils. Keep your fur babies happy and healthy.
  • Grooming

    Non-irritating leave-on formula is tearless and gentle on critters sensitive skin. Quick & Clean is specially formulated to clean and deodorize bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, and pet rats.
  • Litter

    Safe, low dust, non-toxic, lightweigt pellet shape bedding-litter made from processed clean cellulose fiber. Keeps habitat dry, comfortable and ideal for nesting, borrowing small animals.
  • Medications

    Just like humans, even your little furry friends need medication sometimes.  Shop now and save on hamster medications to keep them happy, healthy and stress free.
  • Toys

    Watch your pet toss and play hamster toys from Zen. Provide your pet with much needed playtime and exercise. Ideal for Hamsters, Dwarf Rabbits and other Small Animals.
  • Treats and Chews

    Delightful light nibbling sticks made from only the highest quality ingredients including essential vitamins necessary to promoting a healthy life.
  • Vitamins and Supplements

    Provides an economical and convenient source of necessary salt for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils.
  • Watering

    Keep your furry friend hydrated all day. Our water bottles are ideal for for hamsters, mice, rats in plastic cages. Stainless steel tube with two balls.
Hamsters are rodents in the subfamily Cricetinae, which has about 25 different species of rodents. According to Wikipedia, when they’re in the wild, hamsters are crepuscular, which means they stay underground during the day to avoid being detected and caught by predators. Hamsters feed primarily on seeds, fruits and vegetation, and will occasionally eat burrowing insects. Zen Pet Supplies has a good selection of hamster food, so you don’t have to worry about hunting down your hamster’s food; you can simply order online from Zen Pet Supplies. Hamsters have elongated cheek pouches that extend to their shoulders that they use to carry food back to their burrows. Hamsters are adorable little animals that make wonderful pets for children and adults.

When bringing home a new pet to the household, it’s very important to get the supplies you need ahead of time. It’s very stressful to bring home a new animal and then have run out and get everything you need to set up his environment. Zen Pet Supplies is your one-stop online store for everything you need to make your hamster’s transition to your home a smooth and pleasant one. At Zen Pet Supplies’ online store, you’ll find the following hamster supplies at affordable prices and all in one place: Bedding, cages, dishes/bowls, exercise wheels & balls, deodorizers, dust baths, groom products, food products, medications, litter, toys, treats & chews, watering products, and vitamins & supplements. So, basically, you’ll find everything you need to set up a wonderful environment for your new pet hamster right here on our website!