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Cute, cuddly hamsters make a wonderful first pet for small children, and they're fairly easy to care for. If your children want a puppy or kitten but you feel they're not quite ready to take on that much responsibility, try buying or adopting a hamster to teach your children how to care for another living thing. This will help to prepare them for larger animal ownership once they're of the age you feel they can handle everything that goes with owning a larger pet.

If you’re thinking about adding a hamster or two to your family, then you’re in the right place to find a huge selection of safe, comfortable and durable hamster cages in all shapes, sizes and designs. With so many hamster cages to choose from, we are pretty sure you’ll find one or more that are ideally suited for your hamster’s needs. Be sure to stock up on all the supplies and equipment you’ll need when adding a new pet to the family. Buying supplies after your pet has arrived can create some problems such as where to put your pet while you go shopping. With everything set up ahead of his arrival, your new pet’s arrival and transition into your home will be much smoother and easier than if you had not set up his habitat ahead of time. Zen Pet Supplies has some really cool hamster cages that are priced to fit most budgets.

Hamsters are active little guys that will provide hours of entertainment for their owners. Before you bring home your hamster, be sure to stock up on all the items you'll need by shopping at Zen Pet Supplies.

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Hamster Cage Dingo Home Hamster Cage
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Single Story Hamster Cage
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Two Story Hamster & Gerbil Cage
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BioBubble Small Animal Bundle Habitat
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A glass aquarium is the best choice for your hamster's living space, and it's also imperative that you only put one hamster in the aquarium as they will fight with other hamsters when placed together. The floor of the aquarium should have clean, safe bedding several inches thick as they love to burrow, dig and make nests. Be sure to never use wood shavings as their substrate because the shavings have harmful materials that are toxic to hamsters.

When you shop around for hamster cages, you’ll find traditional wire cages and plastic habitats. In order to know which one is best for your hamster, you simply have to do some research or ask an experienced hamster owner for some recommendations. There are benefits to each, and with plastic habitat and wire cages, you can clearly see your pets frolic around their habitat, which will provide hours upon hours of entertainment for you and your family. Many people also choose to house their hamsters in aquariums (similar to the type you would buy for fish). Hamster owners will tell you that there are some very specific cage size requirements for hamsters. The minimum cage size for one hamster is 12″ x 15″ x 12″ tall. It’s wise to choose a bigger hamster cage because you don’t want to just get the bare minimum. Your hamster may feel crowded and not have ample room to run and play if the cage is too small. You can always start out small and then by bigger cages and habitats as you grow your hamster family. By building upwards and creating levels in your hamster cage, you can create more square footage within a confined space.

If you choose a wire hamster cage, there are some size requirements for the spacing between the wires. The wire bars should be spaced no more than 4/8 inches apart for a Syrian hamster and 3/16 of an inch for dwarf size hamsters. You certainly don’t want these little guys escaping their habitat through the wires on the cage, and if your hamsters have babies, smaller hamsters can easily get through some wire spacing that is not small enough. That would be a disaster! Be sure to do your homework before investing in a hamster cage. But if you do choose one from Zen Pet Supplies and need to return it for some reason, that’s not a problem. We’ll be sure to get you one that’s perfect for your needs or refund your money if you don’t find one here on our website. If you are looking for a particular cage and don’t see it today, you can check back again soon as we update our inventory on a regular basis or contact us via our website, and we’ll see what we can do to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Food and water must be changed daily, and the food should be scattered about the hamster's home to encourage natural foraging behavior. Water must be kept in a bottle that the hamster sucks from because if it's kept in a bowl, he will spill it causing him to become dehydrated and making a mess for you to clean up.