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Hamster Bedding

Is it time to add to your family by bringing home a new pet? Yay for you because there are very few things in life as enjoyable as saving an animal’s life and providing him a safe, comfortable, happy home where he will thrive and live a nice long life. You can do that by choosing a hamster as a pet. There are so many hamsters in animal shelters today because many people choose this animal as a pet and then realize it takes a lot more care than initially thought. That’s exactly why it’s highly recommended to do thorough research before choosing a pet. Also, speaking to an experienced hamster owner will provide invaluable information as you decide if this is the pet for you. These adorable little creatures make great pets, especially first pets for children because they are fairly low maintenance compared to many other animals like them. If you have decided on a hamster for your next pet, please check out the hamster bedding products we currently carry at the Zen Pet Supplies’ online store.
Before your new pet arrives at your home, you will have to teach your children that these tiny animals are extremely delicate, and they must be handled with tender, loving care. You can also give your family a little history lesson on this hugely popular pet. Hamsters are rodents in the subfamily Cricetinae, which has about 25 different species. When hamsters are in the wild, they are crepuscular, which means they stay underground during the day to avoid being detected and caught by predators. They feed primarily on seeds, fruits and vegetation, but they will occasionally eat burrowing insects. Hamsters have elongated cheek pouches that extend to their shoulders that they use to carry food back to their burrows, and these fascinating creatures will provide hours upon hours of entertainment for you and your kids.

One of the most important parts of taking care of animals is creating an ideal habitat that closely resembles their habitat in the wild. We recommend that you set up your pet’s habitat before he arrives at your home for the obvious reason that buying all of the supplies you’ll need and setting up his cage will be a lot harder if he’s already in your home. After all, you cannot let this little guy run around the house while you set up his habitat. Good luck finding this little guy if he gets loose! Please keep in mind that not all types of animals require the same type of bedding, even when it appears they are very similar to another type of animal. For instance, while we sell pine and other types of bedding materials for other animals, we don’t recommend pine for hamsters that is not pressed. The same goes for cedar wood shavings because pine and cedar wood can be abrasive and can splinter into sharp pieces. This is why if you do choose any type of woodchips, you should choose wood that has been pressed. That is the type of woodchips you will most often see available at Zen Pet Supplies—pressed woodchips. If wood is not pressed, it can cut your hamster’s mouth, throat and digestive system organs, causing injuries and infection. These types of wood can have an adverse reaction to your hamster’s urine and give off toxic fumes that negatively affect your hamster’s breathing. For these reasons and more, we ask that you do some research online or ask an experienced hamster owner for advice regarding what type of bedding to order from Zen Pet Supplies.