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Halogen Bulbs for Reptile Terrariums

As you decide what type of reptile to bring home as a pet, you may be wondering what type of habitat he will need. You will have do some pretty thorough research online to understand the habitat needs of various reptiles, and lighting is one very important aspect of any reptile’s habitat, whether he lives in the wild or in someone’s homemade habitat. We encourage you to seek the guidance of an experienced reptile owner before choosing your reptilian pet because beginners may want to start with a lower maintenance reptile first. Once you gain confidence (and knowledge), you can expand your family and create different habitats for different types of reptilian pets. Before you bring home any reptilian pet, be sure to shop at Zen Pet Supplies’ online store so you’re able to set up his habitat before his arrival. There’s nothing more stressful than rushing out to get what your reptile needs after he’s already arrived at your home.
Halogen bulbs are one very popular choice to keep reptile terrariums at the proper temperature and to emit the proper amount of light for his skin. Halogen lights produce more heat than incandescent bulbs, and the shape of the bulb directs heat downward in a cone shape. Halogen lights also last longer on average than an incandescent bulb, if they are not moved around too much. If you will frequently move your light fixture, especially with the light on, a halogen light may not be a good option for you. Halogen lights have all the best parts of incandescent lights, but have a longer bulb lifespan and usually a hotter basking temperature at a lower wattage. Because halogen bulbs are more expensive to manufacture, halogen bulbs cost more than their incandescent counterparts. However, the color of the light emitted is whiter than traditional incandescent bulbs, and the bulbs do last quite a bit longer than incandescent bulbs.

Think of halogen bulbs as a more advanced version of incandescent bulbs. They produce more visible light, they last longer, and they are more energy efficient. However, like incandescent lights, they do not emit UVB light. They are useful as a heat source to warm the habitat or maintain temperatures for several different types of reptilian species. Zen Pet Supplies carries different halogen bulbs in our current inventory; our 50-watt and 75-watt bulbs are less than $15, and we also carry an aquatic turtle lighting combo unit. Please be sure to shop Zen Pet Supplies for all of your reptile pet needs today as we carry just about you’d ever need to set up an amazing reptile habitat right in your very own home.