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Guinea Pig Chews

Just like with humans, animals need dental care to help them live a long, healthy, happy life, and because animals are often taken out of the wild and given to humans as pets, it’s our responsibility as their caretaker to provide them the dental assistance they need to thrive. Did you know that just like with humans, when non-traditional pets like gerbils, chinchillas, ferrets, and guinea pigs suffer from poor dental health, they will often develop serious medical conditions like heart disease? It’s true. Our beloved pets can suffer from many of the same illnesses we suffer from when the teeth and gums are not properly cared for. By choosing some inexpensive guinea pig dental chews from Zen Pet Supplies’ online store, you will provide your guinea pig the dental attention he needs to live a good life, and your guinea pig will love these tasty treats—all the guinea pigs are raving about Zen’s dental treats!
Guinea pigs suffer from various kinds of dental diseases, the most common being improper alignment of teeth, otherwise known as “malocclusion”—the same name given to this problem in humans. Another dental disease is “slobbers,” which occurs when a guinea pig's teeth become overgrown, making it difficult to swallow or chew, and causing the guinea pig salivate more than necessary and more than usual. These and other dental diseases require immediate veterinary care, as they can lead to secondary complications if left untreated. But if you provide your guinea pig proper dental attention (including regular dental chews), you will reduce the likelihood of severe dental problems like these from occurring.

In the wild, guinea pigs and other similar animals gnaw constantly. They have a natural instinct to chew, and when you don’t offer your pet guinea pigs enough opportunities for healthy chewing and gnawing, they will use this activity in a destructive way. Dental chews provide your pet guinea pigs plenty of that gnawing action they so crave, and the chews taste really good, too (Yes, our guinea pigs have told us which ones they love the most!). The great news for us humans is that guinea pig chews (and other chews for non-traditional pets) are very inexpensive. Many of our dental chews for these types of animals are under $5. Such a small investment now will pay off big time down the road when you don’t have to pay for costly dental repairs to your guinea pig’s teeth and gums. Please check out the large selection of guinea pig chews at Zen Pet Supplies today.