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Is it time to add a new pet to the crew? You’re in the right place to learn a good deal about both traditional and non-traditional pets and to buy them everything they will need to live comfortably, safely and happily in your home. Guinea pigs are one of those non-traditional pets more and more people are choosing for so many reasons. First of all, these little guys just can’t get more adorable! Have you seen a guinea pig recently? If not, Google it right now! You’ll fall in love at first sight, and there are animal shelters with many guinea pigs up for adoption because these animals tend to be an impulsive buy (especially parents wanting to win over their kids or just surprise them with a new pet), but the guinea pig ends up to be a bit more than the person bargained for and they end up dropping the little guy off at their local shelter. The good news is that you can bring him home and provide him a loving and stable environment where he will thrive. Before you do, however, be sure to check out guinea pig cages at Zen Pet Supplies’ online store.
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Small Animal Tubby Cage 521
Retail Price: $58.44
Sales Price: $44.95
Savings: $13.49
Home Sweet Home 41 Inch Small Animal Cage
Retail Price: $101.94
Sales Price: $89.20
Savings: $12.74
Small Animal Tubby Cage 523
Retail Price: $116.94
Sales Price: $89.95
Savings: $26.99
320 Small Animal Cage on Stand
Retail Price: $142.94
Sales Price: $109.95
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Small Animal Tubby Cage 524
Retail Price: $155.94
Sales Price: $119.95
Savings: $35.99
Small Animal Tubby Cage 525
Retail Price: $181.94
Sales Price: $139.95
Savings: $41.99
Small Animal Cage
Retail Price: $215.94
Sales Price: $188.95
Savings: $26.99
620 Small Pet Cage
Retail Price: $259.94
Sales Price: $199.95
Savings: $59.99
Guinea pigs are adorable and cuddly and make great first pets for children because they’re fairly low maintenance, but don’t be impulsive and just assume a pet would make your child happy. Be sure to discuss what owning a living thing means to your child and how much responsibility that carries with it. If your child seems unsure or even unwilling to put in the necessary time and effort to learn about caring for guinea pigs, maybe you should hold off on this pet for a while. It’s important to get pet supplies ahead of the pet’s arrival because it’s very stressful to bring a pet home and then have to rush out to buy all the supplies you need to set up his habitat. We have a fairly large selection of guinea pig cages that are priced affordably and will work well with just about every size of guinea pig you’ll find available.

There are some very specific cage requirements you’ll find in your research. You will need a cage that provides at least 7.5 square feet of flat open space for one or two guinea pigs, with an additional 1.5 square feet of flat open running space for each guinea pig. Flat open running space means an open square or rectangular area that is uninterrupted by ramps, walls or other connections to additional areas. Size is very important when it comes to choosing a guinea pig cage. An appropriately sized cage will not get dirty as quickly, which will create less of an ammonia build up and keep your guinea pigs healthier and all of you happier due to the lack of bad smell in the home. Guinea pigs in larger cages are more likely to exercise on their own, increasing their lifespan and decreasing the risk of obesity or muscle-related health problems. Guinea pigs who live in social groups are more likely to get along with their “cage mates” if they have plenty of room to interact and also have a place where they can go if they want to be alone and away from their guinea pig buddies. Guinea pigs in large cages also tend to be less depressed, quiet pets and will be more likely to be vocal, playful, and social when they’re happy and healthy. Please check out the large selection of guinea pigs available right here at Zen Pet Supplies.