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Guinea Pig Bedding

Adding a new pet to your family is one of the most exciting things ever, and to make the transition from a shelter, rescue or store smooth and easy, we recommend you set up your pet guinea pig’s habitat before his arrival. It’s just way too stressful to have to run out and buy everything you need for your little guy’s new home after you bring him home. Guinea pigs are hugely popular pets, and when you see and hold your first guinea pig, you will understand why. They are adorable and cuddly and make great first pets for children because they’re fairly low maintenance. As with any non-traditional pet, we recommend you do research online before choosing one, or speak to an experienced guinea pig caretaker to learn what supplies are necessary for your first pet guinea pig. Zen Pet Supplies’ online store has just about everything you’ll need to set up an ideal guinea pig habitat, and bedding is one of the very first (and most important) supplies you’ll need.
The guinea pig, also referred to quite commonly as a “domestic guinea pig,” is a species of rodent in the Caviidae family and belongs to the genus Cavia (that’s why you’ll hear them also referred to as a “cavy.”). Even though their name implies differently, guinea pigs are not related to a regular pig in any form or fashion. And they do not hail from the country of Guinea. Their name is quite the misnomer! Animal/pet experts will tell you that guinea pigs make great pets because they are small, have a very gentle nature and are extremely social animals. Before adopting a guinea pig, make sure you and your family are ready for the commitment because as with any pet, guinea pigs require attention from and interaction with their human owners. Typically, guinea pigs live five to seven years, and they do require daily attention and time out of their cage. They thrive best when living in pairs, so you may want to adopt two guinea pigs to provide the happiest, most comfortable environment for your new pets.

After you do your homework, you can take a look at the different types of guinea pig bedding available now at Zen Pet Supplies. Substrate is a term used to refer to any material that lines the bottom of an animal’s habitat, so bedding is a form of substrate. An animal’s substrate is one of the most important parts of his habitat, so it’s very important that you find out what type of bedding is most highly recommended for your type of guinea pig (or other small furry pet). Our bedding for guinea pigs includes woven mat bedding, cotton bedding, corn fiber bedding, pressed pine bedding, aspen bedding, pressed cedar bedding, different colored bedding, and corn cob bedding. Be sure to keep your pet’s bedding clean at all times, and change the bedding according to what is recommended for your particular type of pet. A dirty substrate makes for a very unpleasant experience for your pet and for you. The more often you clean your pet’s cage, the better off both of you will be. Be sure to check out guinea pig bedding and other products you’ll need before the arrival of your new furry buddy.