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Gerbil Chews

If you’re a regular visitor to our site, you know how much we encourage our guests and customers to provide their pets the dental care they need to live a long, healthy life. Just like with humans, poor dental health can lead to a vast array of serious medical problems including heart disease. Even non-traditional pets like rodents, rabbits, gerbils and chinchillas require dental care over their lifetimes. You can help your pet’s dental health by providing tasty dental chews and treats that will not only provide your pet plenty of that gnawing motion they naturally crave, but you will also give him the added benefits that dental chews provide (cleaning the teeth and keeping gums healthy). If you own gerbils, please check out the large selection of gerbil dental chews in the Zen Pet Supplies’ online store. Many of these products are under $5, and this small investment will pay off huge in the long run by saving you money on costly dental work.
Gnawing is a HUGE part of a gerbil’s life, and that’s the primary reason why it’s so important to provide your pet gerbils plenty of chewing opportunities. That’s where good-tasting dental chews and treats come in. Gerbils are rodents and the word “rodent” comes from the Latin word “rodere” which means “to gnaw.” So it makes perfect sense that rodents are natural chewers, and when they’re taken out of their natural habitat in placed in the home of a human, it’s the human’s responsibility to provide as much gnawing activity as possible. A rodent’s teeth keep on growing and in order to keep the teeth down to the right length, he needs to gnaw on hard things to grind them down. If they can’t do this, their teeth will grow and will eventually form curled tusks, which might eventually puncture the cheeks and grow into the mouth—extremely painful and costly to fix.

If one tooth is damaged and is preventing gnawing, the other teeth will keep on growing, so it’s really important to monitor the dental health of your pet gerbils to avoid problems like this from occurring. By ordering some yummy dental chews from Zen Pet Supplies’ online store, you’ll provide your non-traditional pet gerbil the gnawing action he instinctually needs and a tasty snack. We have a large variety of flavors, sizes and shapes of gerbil chews, and they are practically all under $5, so this really is a small price to pay when you realize the problems these treats can prevent down the road. Please check out the gerbil chews on sale now at Zen Pet Supplies.