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Gerbil Bedding

Are you thinking about adding a gerbil to your existing crew of pets? If so, Yay for you! Gerbils make great pets, and no one can argue the fact that these little furry buddies are simply adorable! Before choosing a gerbil as a pet, however, do your homework because there are some things you may need to know about small pets, especially if you have children or other pets. People sometimes assume that a small pet makes a great pet for a child, but that’s not always true due to the amount of care and maintenance some small pets and their habitats require. Let’s learn a little bit about gerbils before taking a look at some suggestions for gerbil bedding, which is available now at the Zen Pet Supplies’ online store. We carry a large selection of bedding for gerbils and other similar small pets, but it’s important to know that not all types of bedding work for all types of small, furry pets.
When considering a gerbil (or other small animals like this) as a pet, think about adopting from your local animal shelter, and because gerbils are social animals, we recommend adopting two of the same sex, or you may just find yourself with more gerbils than you ever bargained for! According to the Humane Society, gerbils can be introduced into your home with little difficulty, especially when they are very young. If you choose gerbils that are from the same litter or have always lived together, no introduction is needed and the transition from shelter to your home will be smooth and easy. When you first bring your new gerbils home, they may feel a little bit of stress during the transition from their original home; keep in mind that your cuddly new buddy will be away from their littermates and will be surrounded by new sights, sounds and smells.

When adding any new pet to your home, it’s always recommended to set up its environment prior to its arrival. It’s very overwhelming to bring a new pet home and then have to run out and shop for all the supplies you’ll need immediately. With Zen Pet Supplies, you can get everything you need in one place without ever leaving your home! Here is what you’ll find at Zen for gerbils: Bedding, cages, food dishes/bowls, exercise wheels and balls, dust baths, deodorizers, health and wellness products, food, litter, medications, watering products, toys, and vitamins & supplements. In other words, Zen Pet Supplies has just about everything you’ll need to create a happy, safe, healthy and secure environment for your new four-legged furry friend!