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Freshwater Aquarium Gravel

Setting up a fish aquarium can be a lot of work, but it sure is fun, too! With so many decorations and accessories to choose from, you can spend weeks, months or even years creating an amazing freshwater habitat for your fish and other aquatic life forms. One very important aspect of setting up a fish aquarium is creating a safe, healthy bed at the bottom of the tank, and at Zen Pet Supplies’ online store, you’ll find a number of different types of substrates to choose from. Substrate is a fancy word for any substance or layer that underlies something, and in this case, it’s what you place on the bottom of your fish aquarium. You can line the bottom of your fish tank with sand, gravel, pebbles, stones and similar items, and here, we are going to take a look at the different types of freshwater gravel available now at Zen Pet Supplies.

Gravel is actually the most common substrate used in freshwater tanks and is the most conducive to creating a natural appearance in your aquarium. We have gravel in many different colors, and these colors really add life to your tank. If you have children who participate in the maintenance of your fish tank, they will have a blast picking out vibrant colors of gravel, and we even carry multi-colored gravel gems that will add brilliant color to your aquatic habitat. Gravel comes in different sizes, too; you can choose marble-sized pieces or much smaller pieces to line the bottom of your aquarium. You’ll be amazed at the number of different types of freshwater aquarium gravel on the market today, and with so many choices, you can custom design your aquarium and make it look like a work of art.

Decorating a fish aquarium is an activity for all ages, so it’s something you can involve the whole family in. As you grow your tank and increase the number of fish and decorations in your tank, you can add and change the type of gravel you include, also. The options are endless, really, and you’ll never get bored with your aquarium because you can change its look as often as you like. You can even decorate the bottom of your fish tank based on the seasons. With colors like red, green and white, you can create a holiday-themed aquarium for December, and then change it when spring rolls around. One thing to keep in mind as you shop for freshwater gravel is that larger gravel sizes allow a great deal of waste to penetrate it making it difficult to keep the aquarium clean—the main reason many aquarists prefer smaller gravel pieces. Make sure the gravel you choose does not have sharp edges, as this can be dangerous to fish that dig in or sift through their substrate. If you choose to own catfish, you should know that they don’t have scales, which means their skin can be easily damaged by a rough substrate material. If you’re a fairly inexperienced fish owner, be sure to do your homework online or ask an experienced fish owner for advice when it comes time to choose freshwater aquarium gravel from the ZPS online store.