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Freeze Dried Fish Food

Humans have been freeze-drying food to preserve it for a long time for many, many years. By rapidly freezing food and then reducing the surrounding pressure to remove frozen water, food is preserved allowing it to last much longer than non-freeze dried food. Fish food can also be freeze dried, and Zen Pet Supplies has a large selection of nutritious freeze-dried fish food that fish seem to enjoy. Some people argue that freeze-drying conserves more vitamins than freezing fish food because the cells in the frozen animals burst, releasing some of the nutrition. Others say that freeze dried food may lose some vitamins. One thing that’s agreed on is that freeze-dried food is denser and has more calories in a smaller amount of food. If you choose to feed your fish freeze-dried food, please do some research on the best way to utilize this type of fish food. Or you can ask someone who knows a lot about fish what he/she recommends for your particular species of fish.
One important thing to know is that freeze-dried fish food should be soaked in water before feeding to help with digestion and reduce the chances of swim bladder problems. Zen Pet Supplies has a number of freeze-dried fish foods to choose from, so please browse around and see which ones you think will work best for your fish. Zen Pet Supplies has freeze-dried Krill, Tubifex worms, plankton, shrimp, blood worms, Spirulina, seaweed, algae, and numerous other choices. If you’re looking for a particular type of freeze dried fish food and don’t see it on our site, please check back soon because we add to our inventory of fish food on a regular basis. What you are looking for could be added any day now, and you can even contact Zen Pet Supplies to ask about a certain type of freeze-dried fish food.

While freeze-dried fish food may be a bit more expensive than other types of fish food, it has many benefits including it’s not messy and it lasts longer than fresh fish food. Freeze-dried fish food has been decontaminated by the manufacturer before the freeze drying process making it a safe choice for many fish diets. Many freeze-dried fish foods are processed food organisms such as black worms or brine shrimp. The best advice we can offer is to feed your fish a variety of foods to make up for any vitamin and nutrient loss caused by one type of food. Another benefit of freeze dried food is that you can easily break it up for small fish, and freeze dried food can be stored at room temperature. Please shop around on the Zen Pet Supplies website today and see all of the different types of fish food in our current inventory.