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One of the most important aspects of caring for fish is providing a clean, healthy environment where they can thrive and provide you years of enjoyment. Zen Pet Supplies carries small, medium and large aquarium gravel vacuums with numerous features that make cleaning the gravel an easy efficient process. Our aquarium gravel vacuums remove waste, layers of dirt and pieces of debris while leaving the gravel in place. With a high quality aquarium gravel vacuum from Zen Pet Supplies, you can perform routine cleaning without having to remove the gravel, which can be a time-consuming, messy task.

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BioBubble Turtle Vac Aquarium Cleaning Vacuum
Retail Price: $20.28
Sales Price: $17.75
Savings: $2.53
Small Aquarium Gravel Vac Aquarium Gravel Vac - Small
Retail Price: $28.54
Sales Price: $21.95
Savings: $6.59
Medium Aquarium Gravel Vac Aquarium Gravel Vac - Medium
Retail Price: $32.44
Sales Price: $24.95
Savings: $7.49
Super Battery Powered Gravel Cleaner
Retail Price: $38.94
Sales Price: $29.95
Savings: $8.99

With our aquarium gravel vacuum, you can clean your tank from several feet away, and the coiled, compressible hose stores easily making for a no muss, no fuss cleaning experience that even children can participate in. Our aquarium gravel vacuums easily drain unwanted dirt and debris, and the nozzle with a scraper allows for proper glass cleaning. Also, the scraper feature gets below the gravel line ensuring a thorough cleaning every time. With a self-starting siphon, our aquarium gravel vacuums make routine maintenance super easy and neat.