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Aquarium Sand, Gravel and Substrates

One of the most fun parts of having fish as pets is setting up their aquarium, and adding to the aquarium as time goes by is super exciting. You can add all sorts of decorations and create a habitat as close to their natural one as possible. Before adding decorations to your fish tank, you have to be sure you have the essentials first. Regardless of the size of your aquarium, you’ll need things like sand, gravel and substrates for the bottom of your tank. These products not only look good, but they provide your fish and other aquatic life forms nutrients, minerals and other substances your aquatic pets need to thrive. Zen Pet Supplies has a large selection of marine substrates, freshwater substrates, pebbles and the like for all types of species and aquariums. These non-toxic substances do not alter the chemical balance of your aquarium, and they help to promote a healthy environment for your gilled friends.

  • Freshwater

    Highlight your fish aquarium by adding any sand, stone or gravel accent, from Zen Pet Supplies. Choose from a huge selection.
  • Marine Substrates

    Premium marine sand, gravel and substrate from Zen Pet Supplies promotes a healthy aquarium. Choose from large selection.
  • Pebbles

    Non-toxic aquarium pebbles will not alter the chemistry of your aquarium water. Ideal for freshwater, saltwater and outdoor ponds.
While everyone knows what sand and gravel are, not everyone may understand what substrate is. Let’s take a look at what this is and why you need it in your fish tank. The “official” definition of substrate is as follows: “A substance or layer that underlies something, or on which some process occurs.” What on earth does that mean regarding your fish tank? Substrate is any material that makes up the bottom layer of your fish tank and can include sand, gravel, pebbles, stones and similar items. Think of “substrate” as an umbrella terms for all that “stuff” that you put on the bottom of your fish aquarium—the stuff that serves as the bed of your fish tank.

Substrates are used to decorate the bed of your aquarium, they serve as an anchor for roots, they are a place to store important nutrients & minerals, and they’re a home for “good” bacteria—the kind that won’t harm your fish. Beneficial bacteria, known as “colonizing” bacteria help break down fish and plant waste turning it into nitrates that aquatic plants use as food. Gravel is a type of substrate that is typically not used in aquariums by itself but in addition to other types of substrate. A combination of gravel and sand is a great bottom layer for your aquarium, and you can be as decorative as you want when creating the bed of your aquarium. Let your inner Picasso come out when you choose a variety of gravel, sand and substrates from Zen Pet Supplies, and see how creative you can get when making the bed of your fish tank. Your fish and other aquatic creatures will surely thank you for taking the time to build a safe, comfortable and beautiful habitat for them to frolic in together.