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Resin Ornaments for Fish Tanks

Your aquarium is not only a home for your fish, but it’s also a beautiful decorative piece for your home. A great thing about having fish is you get to decorate your aquarium with beautiful pieces of plant life, coral, and other decorative ornaments that will make your tank pop. Another great thing about choosing fish as one of your pets is that they are great for children. Children can learn responsibility from having to take care of fish, while also learning about ocean life. The different ornaments available at Zen Pet Supplies will not only make beautiful additions to your aquarium, but they are fun for your kids, too! From trees and starfish to castles, sunken ships, and divers, we have every ornament you (or your kids) could possibly want. The ornaments we offer are not only beautiful and fun, but they’re hand painted and 100% safe for your aquarium.

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BioBubble Decorative The Old Stump
Retail Price: $10.14
Sales Price: $8.87
Savings: $1.27
BioBubble Decorative Skeleton Dish
Retail Price: $17.24
Sales Price: $15.09
Savings: $2.15
Decorating your aquarium is an important part of keeping your fish happy and healthy. It is suggested that you provide at least 50% coverage for your fish. Coverage can be created with plant life, ornaments, or synthetic coral. If you have ever been scuba diving, or even just lake swimming, you know what sort of things line the bottom of our oceans and lakes. The “coverage” you provide your fish works to recreate their natural habitat, so it is important you think about what kind of fish will be living in your tank before purchasing decorations. Fish from lakes or rivers prefer plant materials, or soft decorations. Fish from the ocean prefer harder decorations, like rocks or coral. So, make sure you have the proper combination of all types of coverage to ensure your fish are comfortable in their home. Your fish won’t care if it’s a castle or a starfish ornament, but if you are going to have fish from the ocean, consider purchasing our Resin Ornament – Fire Coral Cave with Plants. This ornament provides a combination of soft and hard coverage, so you get the best of both worlds, and you keep your fish happy.

Picking out ornaments for your aquarium is a great hobby to share with your kids. If your child is a fan of pirates, check out our castle or skull head ornaments. If your children are fans of Indiana Jones, take a look at our Serpent Head Tomb, Egyptian Vase, Three Column Ruins or Sunken Gondola ornaments. If animals are what interest them the most, they’ll definitely love our shark, clam, turtle or potbelly frog ornaments. The ornaments at Zen Pet Supplies will definitely get your creative juices flowing, so be sure to check out them today!