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Replacement Bulkheads for Fish Aquariums

There are tons of aquarium parts that you may not even be familiar with, but if you’re going to set up an amazing aquarium, you have to know what each of the parts does and why it’s necessary that you buy it for your fish aquarium. A “bulkhead,” in its most basic definition, is anything that separates things (a partition of sorts). In fish tanks, bulkheads are necessary to attach plumbing to aquariums and sumps, which is an accessory tank where mechanical equipment is kept. A remote sump allows for a clutter-free display tank. Many of the aquarium bulkheads you’ll find on the market today are made from black ABS plastic, which is used in the plumbing industry. Because the bulkheads are black ABS, they are also UV stabilized, which is different from PVC which have a UV stabilizer in the material itself. The UV stabilizers will prevent the bulkheads from cracking when exposed to the elements. If this all sounds very confusing to you, it’s ok! An experienced fish aquarium owner can show you what bulkheads do if you’re really that interested. All you have to know, really, is that Zen Pet Supplies carries aquarium bulkheads in our online store.

We carry a number of bulkhead replacements for fish aquariums, and if you are looking for one particular type and don’t see it on our site, please let us know or check back soon as we update our inventory regularly. Here are just a few of the sizes of bulkheads in our current inventory: ¾” bulkhead gasket; ½” all-thread bulkhead; 1” bulkhead gasket; .75” bulkhead Sxs; 1” standard bulkhead; 1” all-threaded bulkhead; ½” black slip bulkhead kit; ¾” black slip bulkhead kit; 1.5” bulkhead Sxs; and a 2” standard bulkhead. The high-quality aquarium bulkheads in our online store are durable and can withstand the elements year after year. Our heavy-duty bulkheads with rugged PVC construction can withstand harsh, corrosive saltwater conditions and retain their integrity even after prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays. Our bulkheads feature thick gasket washers that mold evenly against aquarium surfaces to create a uniform seal, even when there are slightly uneven surfaces.

When it comes time to install your bulkheads, here are some tips. Always install bulkheads clean and dry; avoid lubricants and silicone because these materials cause the gasket to slide out and not seal properly. Before installing the bulkhead, use a nail file or pocket knife to clean any excess substances off the male and female threads and from the flat gasket mating surfaces of the flange and nut, which are common leak sources. Always install the gasket on the flange side of the bulkhead, never on the nut side, regardless if it’s inside or outside the tank. Installing the gasket next to the nut will lead to leaks as water travels along the threads around the gasket. Here are more suggestions: Never support any pumps or piping from a bulkhead. Instead, use supports so weight is not on a bulkhead and gasket causing stress on the mating surfaces and leaks. Also, never screw anything to the external threads of a bulkhead because these are not standard tapered pipe threads, and they will leak. Please check out the bulkheads and other aquarium parts and supplies at Zen Pet Supplies today.