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Florescent Bulbs for Fish Aquariums

It’s a blast to set up a new fish aquarium because there are so many fun accessories to choose from these days. One very important aspect of setting up your fish tank is choosing the proper lighting for your tank’s size, depth and the fish that will live in it. You have to do a little homework before choosing fish tank lighting, and it would be a big help to speak to an experienced fish owner for some advice. Once you’ve decided on the type of fish tank lighting you’ll need, be sure to check out the fish tank fluorescent bulbs on sale now at Zen Pet Supplies. We carry all types of fish tank lighting supplies, and fluorescent bulbs are a very popular choice for freshwater and saltwater tanks. Lighting does much more than allow you to see your beautiful fish; it provides them the lighting they need to thrive, also. It’s important to choose the proper lighting so your fish will thrive in their new habitat.

Proper aquarium lighting provides vital energy to photosynthetic plants and animals, and as the primary light source for your fish, aquarium lighting is essential for any system that contains photosynthetic organisms such as plants, anemones or coral. Proper lighting, including fluorescent blubs, is imperative for the overall health and well being of your aquatic life. All fluorescent tubes should be replaced after 6-12 months because their loss of output over time is quite substantial. Life forms requiring low light will do fine with regular tubes. Corals, polyps, and light intense life forms will thrive in HO (high output) or VHO (very high output) tubes. Full spectrum tubes are as close to real sunlight as it gets. There are special fluorescent tubes for plant growth, which work with blue and red spikes (red is especially needed for plant growth); these promote photosynthesis, and the red color also enhances algae growth.

We carry fluorescent bulbs in a variety of sizes, colors and wattage. If you’re an inexperienced fish caretaker, be sure to do your homework and get some advice from experienced fish caretakers as the wrong type of lighting in your tank may hurt or kill your fish and other aquatic life forms. Fluorescent lights come in several varieties. 1) Standard fluorescent lighting is low-spectrum and produces little heat, which is perfect for freshwater aquariums. 2) Lights higher in spectrum are High Output (HO) and Very High Output (VHO) fluorescent lights, which are usually used for saltwater aquariums, especially for deep tanks. These bulbs produce more heat, so an aquarium water chiller is often necessary to accompany this type of fluorescent light. 3) Power compact lighting (the most versatile type of fluorescent lighting) uses multiple bulbs (HO and VHO) and produces a great deal of heat. You’ll need to replace this type of light much less often than other types (they’re a bit more expensive than other types), and power compact lighting systems are energy efficiency. Zen Pet Supplies has a number of different types of fish tank fluorescent bulbs and other types of lighting for you to check out.