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Fish Tank Filter Media

As you become a more and more experienced caretaker of fish, you will learn an amazing amount of information about how to keep fish in a freshwater or saltwater habitat alive and well for a long time, and you will also learn about all the different supplies, products and pieces of equipment available for fish tank owners. You’ll find that there are thousands of fish aquarium parts available for sale, but you certainly don’t need all of them. While pet shop owners would love if you needed every single piece of equipment on the market, that’s just not realistic. But there are many that you will need, especially as you grow your aquatic habitat. As you begin to grow your aquarium, you will learn what fish tank filter media is. Let’s take a look at what filter media is and when you need it, and please keep in mind that you can find filter media and virtually every other supply you’d ever need for your tank right here on the Zen Pet Supplies website.

Simply put, filter media is used to clean the water in the aquarium. The filter in your aquarium will be air powered, electric powered or use a pump to draw water through the filter media. In doing so, solid waste (Yes, that means what you think it means—fish droppings) and debris like dead leaves are dissolved and neutralized. Filter media is anything placed in a filter that changes the quality of water flowing through it, and with the variety of medias available can be selected to create the optimal environment in your aquarium. There are three types of filter media: mechanical, biological and chemical. While all three types are recommended for certain aquariums, biological and mechanical filters are needed at the very minimum.

Zen Pet Supplies carries a number of different types of filter media including granules, fine filter pads, phosban reactors, ammo-carb, ammo chips, chemi pure, crystals, chem zorb, seagel, bioplastics polymer, purigen and bio life balls just to name a few. All of these work to rid your aquarium of dangerous waste and debris. In order for fish and other aquatic life forms to thrive, the water they live in must be clean and clear, and using the proper filter media will properly and effectively clean the water in your aquarium. There are a number of different ways you can clean your tank’s water, and they’re all safe for your fish. Be sure to shop online at Zen Pet Supplies for all the things you need for your fish aquarium including filter media. If you’re looking for something in particular and cannot find it, please check back soon or contact us via the website. We’ll see what we can do to find the item you need.