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Driftwood for Aquariums

When it comes to owning fish, one of the most fun parts is decorating the aquarium. It’s so much fun shopping for stunning pieces for your fish tank and learning all about which types of decorations work best with which type of fish. Did you know that there are actually certain types of decorations that are better for freshwater tanks than saltwater tanks? It’s true! Freshwater fish will actually clean some of the additions in their tank like coral, but saltwater tank decorations will get dirty over time because of algae growth. Also, you can’t just place all decorations in your tank without some preparation; some require cleaning, soaking, and other steps before adding them into the water. So, while it may be fun to buy decorations and other cool additions for your fish tank, we would like you to know that you can’t just pick out what you think will look cool or pretty in your tank without knowing a little bit about what type of decorative items are recommended for the type of fish you have.

Adding natural structures such as driftwood to your aquarium requires some preparation because these pieces probably make up a large part of your aquarium. Zen Pet Supplies’ online store carries a number of different types of fish tank driftwood to suit various aquatic habitats. There’s a rather large price range in the driftwood department—you can find pieces of driftwood for under $10, and you can find pieces that cost over $100. This large selection allows beginning and experienced aquarists to add driftwood to their tanks, and it allows people on a variety of budgets to decorate their tanks. We have small, medium and large-sized pieces of driftwood, so we hope you can find one ore more that will work well in your fish tank.

You cannot just buy the driftwood and drop it into your tank. There is some preparation necessary. One common piece of advice is that before you add the driftwood, draw a rough sketch of your aquarium and where you want to locate the driftwood, and think about whether to place the driftwood horizontally or vertically. By drawing it out, you can visualize different positions and looks for the driftwood you’ll be adding to your aquarium. You want to disturb the fish and other aquatic life in the tank as little as possible, so you don’t want to re-position the driftwood too many times as this will cause stress to the pets in your tank. Be sure to clean the driftwood very thoroughly before adding it to your tank. Even though the driftwood will be packaged nicely from the store, you still must use a clean brush to scrub the driftwood to remove any dirt or debris. Don’t use soap or any chemical cleansers because any residue left behind will harm your fish. Then you must soak the cleaned driftwood to saturate and cure it. Any residue will poison your aquarium. The cleaned driftwood will then need to be soaked to saturate and "cure” it, which may take as long as two weeks. There are a number of reasons the driftwood needs to be cured, and one of those reasons is to remove its buoyancy so it stays put where you place it. To learn more about the fish tank driftwood at Zen Pet Supplies, simply click on a particular item and read its product description.