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Fish Supplies and Accessories

Tanks, Decorations, Vacuums, Filters & More!

Fish make excellent pets and are growing in popularity because they're easy to care for. They provide hours of viewing enjoyment and they're fairly inexpensive when shopping fish tank supplies from Zen. With aquariums of various sizes, pumps, heaters, automatic feeders and several aquarium decorations of shapes and sizes, we are your one-stop shop for all your aquatic needs.

  • Aquarium Cleaners

    Keep your glass or acrylic aquarium sparkling. Our nontoxic formula is environmentally safe and harmless to tank inhabitants.
  • Aquarium Scrubbers / Scrapers

    Quickly remove unsightly algae from the nooks and crannies of acrylic aquariums with hand-held control.
  • Aquatic Chillers

    Keep water within +/- 2 degrees of set temperature. Easy to install and maintain. Includes reusable air filter. Easy one-step programming.
  • Bags and Rubber Bands

    Shop now and save on fish bag rubber bands. Excellent rubber content, high count per lb, and easy stretch for repeated use, and longevity.
  • Books

    Read how to keep your fish happy and healthy.  Give them a fresh start on life and encourage a long life.
  • Breeding Equipment

    Our multi-purpose fish nurseries safely separates new-borns from the mother and other fish. The removable divider allows for isolation.
  • Dosing Pumps

    Never dose manually, again! Simply program the time and you're all set.  This unit can also be use for salt or fresh water.
  • Fish Nets

    High-performance fish nets, at an affordable price. Durable and strong, our coarse nylon mesh nets are sure to last for years to come.
  • Food

    Shop now and save on natural fish food flakes, pellets, liquids and more.  Give your aquatic life a healthy start on life.
  • Grounding Probe

    Safeguard your tank from potentially dangerous stray voltage with the Ground Control Titanium Grounding Probe.
  • Health and Wellness

    Shop now and save on conditioners, salts, clarifiers and more. Keep your marine life happy and healthy.
  • Lighting

    Plug and play connections are moisture resistant. Full coverage aquarium lghtng includes preintalled, adjustable mounting legs.
  • Parts

    Don't replace the entire system.  We have a part that will fix just about anything that goes with your aquarium.  Shop now and save.
  • Plants

    Combine the natural beauty of live plants with easy care and low maintenance.  Our plants are natural-looking, vibrantly-colored foliage.
  • Pond Supplies

    Get all your pond aquatic supplies at Zen.  We have everything you need to keep your outdoor fish happy and healthy.
  • Power Supply & Power Strips

    If you have an aquarium, you know there are multiple items to plugin in. Shop now and save on power supplies and strips.
  • Protien Skimmers

    Naturally reduce and stabilizes the foam production. Delivers more bubbles in greater volume with low energy consumption and heat emission.
  • Reef Coral Viewers

    Effortlessly and clearly view corals without turning pump off.  Save on coral viewers from Zen Pet Supplies.
  • Sand, Gravel and Substrates

    Browse a large selection of non-toxic salt and fresh water gravel for aquariums, terrariums and planters.  Save now!
  • Sealers / Adhesives

    Repair leaky aquariums, or broken ornaments with adhesives and sealants from Zen Pet Supplies.  Shop now and save.
  • Small Fish Habitats

    Now your small fish can live large.  Shop now and save on a large selection of small fish habitats / aquariums.  
  • UV Sterilizers

    At Zen Pet Supplies, our UV sterilizer products will help you maintain healthy water conditions for your fish, coral and other aquatic life.
  • Water Leveler

    Reduces the problems related to lime scale deposits, bacterial film, and wave action, which ensures the continuous, safe, and regular functionality.
  • Water Pourers

    Keep your aquatic aquarium nice and clean.  With our fish water pourers, we make maintaining your habitat easy.
  • Aquariums

    Add beauty, style and sophistication to your home or office with an aquarium from Zen Pet Supplies.

  • Heaters

    Promote a healthy aquatic environment for your fish tank. Keep your aquarium at the perfect temperature with a heater from Zen Pet Supplies.

  • Vacuums

    View our extensive line of fish tank vacuums that will keep your tank clean and fish happy.

  • Pumps

    Our aquarium pumps offer stylish aeration with powerful motors that are quiet and energy efficient.

  • Filters

    Eliminate dangerous chemicals, toxins, odors, discoloration and other pollutants from your fish tank.

  • Automatic Feeders

    With an aquarium automatic feeder from Zen Pet Supplies, you will never have to worry about feeding the little guys ever again!

  • Decorations

    Shop a large section of fish tank decorations. Beautifully Designed, Unique and Affordable. Enhance your fish tanks environment.

Unlike our canine and feline friends, fish aren’t picky eaters, but you can certainly mix up their diet with natural and healthy fish foods that will keep them happily swimming for days! Choose from Zen Pet’s stock of popular fish flakes, pelleted fish food, pond fish food, vacation fish food, and more. While fish don’t normally require the care of a veterinarian, their water needs to be treated properly, as it’s the air they breathe! Shop from our selection of fish tank conditioners, aquarium water clarifiers, water tests and reagents, medications for Beta Fish, fungus cleaner for aquariums, coral tissue supplements, marine salt, thermometers and hydrometers, and more. Never forget to feed the fish with our selection of automatic fish feeders too. Cleaning your aquarium doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. Make cleaning your fish’s home a cinch with Zen Pet’s pumps, vacuums, and filters. Our wide selection of aquarium decorations will provide your fish the ambiance of paradise while being an impressive focal point of your home making it a great conversation piece.

A number of families choose a fish as their child's first pet because creating a safe, healthy home for fish and tending to their needs teaches responsibility and allows the child to attach emotionally to another living thing other than family and friends. The children learn a routine and will come to understand what it means to have another living thing depend on them. If you are considering getting a fish for your child or yourself, shop our fish tank supplies and provide a comfortable, stimulating environment for your aquatic life.