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Fish Pond Pumps, Filters and Accessories

When it comes to setting up and maintaining a fish pond for Koi, goldfish and other types of fish, you’ll need a number of supplies and pieces of equipment that are specifically designed for ponds. If you’ve been a home aquarist for years, and you have recently decided to undertake the exciting endeavor of starting a Koi pond, you’re in for a real treat. Setting up and maintaining a fish pond can be a very rewarding experience when done properly, and while ponds require different care than home fish tanks, there are some pieces of equipment that you’ll need for your pond that you would need for your home tank—most pieces are just larger in size. Pumps, filters and a number of other accessories are necessary for proper set-up and maintenance of fish ponds. You’ll find a large selection of pumps, filters and other accessories for pond fish right here on the Zen Pet Supplies’ online store.

Pumps are a necessary piece of equipment to keep any fish habitat healthy because in order for water to be healthy for fish, it must be flowing and circulating at all times. Stagnant water does not allow fish to thrive, and stagnant water often leads to disease and death of aquatic creatures. Simply put, a pump brings your pond to life; a pump will produce ripples and the mesmerizing sound of moving water. A pump adds life and beauty to your pond and helps to keep your fish and other aquatic life forms alive and flourishing. A pump circulates and aerates the water, also; good aeration means that oxygen levels in the water will be at the right level necessary for your fish to thrive. A pump also enables the pond’s water to be run through ultra-violet clarifiers, filters, waterfalls and fountains.

Filters are also a necessary component to a fish pond; pond water being passed through a filter on a continuous basis keeps the water clean and free from harmful bacteria that could hurt your fish. The bigger your pond or the more fish you have, the larger your filter will have to be. It’s important to choose a filter that can handle your pond volume and the number of fish you plan to house through the years. The three most common types of filters are gravity return filters, pressure filters, and gravity feed filters. In addition to pumps and filters, we carry a number of other fish pond accessories including filtration foundation kits, a pond skimmer, a replacement quartz sleeve for a UV clarifier, and bulb protectors. You’ll find just about everything you need to set up a fish pond right here on the Zen Pet Supplies website.