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Fish Pond Supplies

Have you always wanted to have a pond near your home stocked with beautiful fish like Koi and other gorgeous pond fish? You no longer just have to dream about this because you can add a majestic fish pond and find all the fish pond products you need right here on the Zen Pet Supplies website. While Koi may be the most popular pond fish people keep in their yards, goldfish are also very, very popular pond fish. Some other favorite types of pond fish include Mosquito Fish, Shubunkin, Sarasa Comet, Bitterling, and American Flagfish, whose name gives away its brilliant colors. This fish really does look like an American Flag! Setting up and maintaining a fish pond is a bit different than setting up a fish tank or aquarium inside your home. There are many different fish pond products you’ll need that you wouldn’t need for a small fish tank in your living or bedroom. Be sure to browse our online store to find all the fish pond products you need whether you’re going to keep Koi, goldfish, the stunning American Flagfish, or some other fish in your pond.
  • Aqua Gloves

    When it's time for the dirty work, keep your hands and arms clean with a pair shoulder length Aqua Gloves. Perfect for cleaning ponds and aquariums.
  • Auto Feeders

    Feed your fish daily while you are away, with an automatic pond feeder. Dispenses food slowly, keeping fish active and reduces the danger of overfeeding.
  • Conditioners and Remedies

    Pond conditioners and treatments eliminate troublesome organic sludge and debris to create and maintain a happy and healthy ecosystem.
  • De-Icers

    Easily control the temperature in your pond, with a pond de-icer from Zen Pet Supplies. Safe to use in any pond, while preventing freezing.
  • Filter Pads

    Keep your pond's waterfall running smoothy and debris free, with a replacement filter pad. Maintain harmony in any fish pond.
  • Food

    Zen Pet Supplies offers fish food specifically developed to provide a nutritious diet for pond fish. Choose from a large selection for your fishy friends.
  • Lighting

    Pond lighting kits are ruggedly constructed and waterproof for underwater or walk way illumination. Enhance the ambiance of any water feature.
  • Pumps and Filters

    Keep your fish pond's water circulating and debris free to maintain a healthy environment. Choose from a wide variety of pond pumps and filters.
  • Replacement Foam

    Replace your pond's filter foam pads regularly to ensure optimal filtering. Keep your fishy buddies happy and healthy.
  • Replacement Pads

    Keep your pond's filter box running and filtering properly, by regularly replacing the filter pads. Easily maintain your fish pond.
  • Supplements

    Pond supplements are crucial for conditioning water, removing chlorine, chloramine, and detoxifying both ammonia and nitrite.
  • Surface Netting

    Add surface netting to your fish pond to keep leaves out of the water and protect fish from predators.
  • Thermo Hoses

    Thermo hoses from Zen Pet Supplies, prevents water from freezing and makes it easy to fill ponds during cold weather.
  • Tubing

    Pond tubing easily connects pumps, bio-filters and other water features. Will not crimp or collapse and can be buried to conceal.
  • UV Bulbs

    UV bulbs in ponds reduce bacteria and microscopic organisms that can be harmful to your fish. Be sure to properly size for your pond and flow rate.
  • UV Sterilizers

    Using a UV sterilizer increases exposure to UVC light and eliminates pathogens, microorganisms and free-floating algae.
  • Vacuums

    Spend more time enjoying your pond and less time cleaning it. Pond vacuums suck out rotting and decayed matter from difficult to reach areas.
Backyard ponds have become hugely popular in recent years not only because they look stunning in your yard but because they provide years and years of enjoyment. Many people seek refuge and achieve a Zen-like state by sitting and meditating by their fish ponds for hours on end. Watching fish in a pond is both relaxing and stimulating at the same time. You will become mesmerized watching these gorgeous creatures swim and jump in a habitat that you have created for them. How rewarding is that? How fun does that sound? If you’ve been considering setting up a fish pond in your yard, we encourage you to learn more about this exciting endeavor and speak to people who have done it successfully. The hard work involved in setting up and maintaining a fish pond will surely pay off by providing you and your family many years of enjoyment and relaxation out by your pond.

Here are just some of the fish pond products you’ll find right here on the Zen Pet Supplies website: aqua gloves, auto feeders, de-icers, conditioners, remedies, pond fish food, filter pads & replacement pads, lighting, pumps, filters, supplements, replacement foam, surface netting, tubing, thermo hoses, vacuums, UV bulbs and UV sterilizers. You’ll find a description of each of these products right here on our site, and as you can see by this list, we carry everything you’ll need to set up and maintain an absolutely stunning fish pond that will be the envy of the neighborhood. You just may discover you have a knack for this type of thing and can offer your services to your neighbors! How much fun would it be to take care of gorgeous fish ponds all day, especially during warm spring and summer months?! If you’d rather keep your pond maintenance skills for your own enjoyment, we encourage you to get started today by browsing all the fish pond products at ZPS.