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Fish Nurseries and Breeding Equipment

This is not meant to sound creepy at all, but watching fish breed is fascinating, and some fish owners choose to breed fish in their very own homes because it’s such an interesting “hobby.” If you are shopping around for fish nurseries and fish breeding equipment, you’ve come to the right place because Zen Pet Supplies has a number of high-quality, inexpensive pieces of fish breeding equipment you can use at home. Basically, there are two main strategies that fish use to make fish babies: Laying eggs and live-bearing. Egg-laying involves exactly what the name suggests: fish lay eggs, and as they grow, they hatch and then mature into fish. This process takes about 7-10 days but does vary greatly from species to species. Live-bearing, while different than egg-laying, also involves what the name indicates. A female fish gives birth to a fully formed young fish. The female fish is fertilized by the male fish and carries what’s known as the “fry” for about a month before delivery. When baby fish are delivered, they swim right off and begin searching for food.
Now that we have covered basic fish reproduction 101, let’s take a look at some of the equipment necessary to breed fish at home safely and correctly. Zen Pet Supplies has a Two-Way Guppy Breeder (guppies are a hugely popular pet fish) with a "V" partition that is designed to help safely separate the baby fish (fry) from the Momma fish. This guppy breeder was designed and engineered with wide-slotted side vents to promote water circulation to furnish oxygen and fresh water to the fish, and it also has side air tanks allowing it to float freely in the aquarium. Zen also carries a Five-Way Breeder made with wide-slotted side and bottom vents to create water circulation to furnish oxygen and fresh water to the baby fish. This effective five-way breeder simply attaches to the side of your fish tank with pliable metal hangars. Not only is the fish breeding equipment available now at Zen Pet Supplies easy to use, it’s easy to install, also.

Choosing the proper equipment is very important if you’ve chosen to breed fish or if you’ve “accidentally” become a fish breeder because of the fish you’ve put together in the same tank. The proper breeding nurseries and equipment are necessary in keeping fry alive and developing. Many fish breeding supplies like plastic breeders or net breeders are designed to be temporary for the time you notice a female swelling with eggs or fry. You can install and uninstall fish breeding equipment as necessary. If you’re going to consciously make the decision to breed fish, please do some research first, or speak to an experienced fish breeder. The more you know about fish breeding, the more healthy fish you will help bring into the world. If you’re looking for a specific fish nursery or piece of breeding equipment and don’t see it here, please check back soon as we update the Zen Pet Supplies’ inventory on a regular basis.