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Aquatic Health and Wellness Products

Just as you would take care of a dog or cat by buying him food, toys, bedding, treats, and the like, so you must do when you’re the proud owner of pet fish. Dogs, cats, ferrets, mice, rabbits, birds and reptiles require health and wellness products and so do fish. Zen Pet Supplies has a large inventory of fish health and wellness products for you to check out. Fish get sick just like other animals, and when your fish do get sick, you want to have medications and other supplies on hand so you can provide speedy treatment. By keeping fish health and wellness products in your home, you can improve the chances of saving your fish by providing them quick treatment. During the time you have to rush out to buy health and wellness products, your fish could die, so be sure to check out our large selection of health and wellness products and stock up today.
  • Conditioners

    Instantly removes chlorine and detoxifies heavy metals from tap water. Safe for all aquarium life.
  • Coral / Reef

    Keep your coral and reef aquatic life happy and healthy with health and wellness products from Zen Pet Supplies.
  • Marine Salt

    Promote intensified color and excellent spawning conditions. Stimulates health and wellness while encouraging your aquatic life to grow faster and larger.
  • Medications

    Ensure your aquatic life remains healthy and happy throughout their lifespan.  Safe and effective.
  • Supplements

    With aquatic supplements from Zen Pet Supplies, you will ensure you are giving your marine life the best lease on life possible.
  • Thermometer & Hydrometer

    Ensure your aquariums stays the right temperature, giving your aquatic life a healthy marine environment for a long life.
  • Water Clarifier

    Clear cloudy water within hours. Removes suspended particles that make your water dirty . Gives aquarium water that polished look and feel.
  • Water Tests & Reagents

    Ensure your fresh and salt water fish are healthy and thriving, with a variety of high quality and accurate water tests & reagents.
Fish will get sick from time to time no matter how well you take care of them and how often you clean their habitat. Fortunately, Zen Pet Supplies has a number of fish medications available in our current inventory to treat common ailments like ich (also spelled “ick”). Ich is actually quite prevalent in aquarium fish and it’s medically known as “Ichthyophthirius multifiliis,” a protozoan disease that can be fatal if left untreated. Ich medication is an absolute must-have for fish owners. We carry a large selection of fish health and wellness products such as water conditioners, coral/reef products, marine salt, fish medications, dietary supplements, hydrometers, thermometers, water clarifiers, water testing kits and reagents.

There are other types of infections and parasites that fish are susceptible to that can be treated with the right type of fish medication. Give your fish the best care possible by preventing them from developing stress, providing them with plenty of food and a well-maintained tank, providing them essential vitamins and minerals, and immediately administering fish medications at the first sign of sickness. These are just some of the steps you can take to help your fish live longer and healthier lives. Also, vitamin supplements are a great way to add to your fish’s diet to ensure they’re getting all the nutrients they need as some fish foods simply don’t have all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients fish need to thrive. Zen Pet Supplies also has treatments and supplements for live plants and corals. From vitamins and supplements to the various types of medications and Ich treatments available, you're bound to find the right treatment for your fish. The most important thing you can do to ensure your fish stay in good health is to seek treatment at the first sign of trouble, especially if you’re not experienced with fish ailments.