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Natural and Healthy Fish Food

Today we’re going to talk about Fish Food, not only is this something you must have if you have fish as pets, but it’s a great flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream—oh wait, that’s PHISH Food, named after the hugely popular band with a cult following like the Grateful Dead. Ok, let’s get back on track here. Zen Pet Supplies has a huge selection of just about every type of fish food you could possibly need. Whether you’re a novice fish caretaker or a veteran with tons of different types of exotic fish, we have you covered right here on the Zen website. Just like all living things, fish need to eat, and they, just like every other type of animal and human, need to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. That’s where Zen Pet Supplies comes in. We carry healthy, nutritious, great-tasting (so our fish friends tell us!) food your gilled buddies will come running (or swimming) for!
  • Coral / Reef

    Keep your coral and reefs healthy and happy.  Shop now and save on liquid feeding products from Zen Pet Supplies.
  • Fish Flakes

    Our fish flakes contain only natural ingredients and contain no artificial colors. Bring out the natural colors in  your fish, while keeping them energetic and healthy.
  • Freeze Dried

    High Quality, protein rich food. Used as stable food or an occasional treat. Provide a nutritional boost to any feeding regimen.
  • Pelleted Fish Food

    Highly palatable formula helps both fresh water and marine finicky fish to eat prepared foods.  Promotes consistent color and consistent.
  • Pond Fish Food

    Superior diet for all pond fish. Reduce Toxic Ammonia. Support your fishes immune system. Enhance growth and color.
  • Seaweed Clip On

    Keep you aquatic life happy and healthy.  Promote natural feeding by allowing the fish to pick at their food over an extended period of time.
  • Vacation Food

    Now you can go on vacation and rest assure your aquatic life will thrive.  Shop now and save on slow fish feeders.
Zen Pet Supplies has a number of different types of fish food in our current inventory including: food for coral and reefs, fish flakes, freeze dried food, pelleted fish food, seaweed, pond fish food, and vacation food. What’s vacation food? Are we talking about the type of food your fish will eat when they go on vacation like lobster, filet mignon and frozen margaritas by the pool? No! We’re talking about food you can leave in your fish tank while YOU go on vacation to ensure your fish get plenty of food in your absence. With our 14-day Feeder, you can relax while you’re gone because your fish will have access to a two-week supply of food. Tetra's innovative new gel feeder block contains no plaster and feeds fish for up to fourteen days. Zen Pet Supplies’ slow release Tetra feeders are nutritious feeders that slowly release food into your aquarium while you’re away. The blocks have a gel formula and are free of plaster; they don’t cloud the water or change the pH level of the tank. These are ideal for tropical freshwater fish, and they’re made with all-natural ingredients.

You’ll love the large selection of fish flakes available at Zen Pet Supplies, and they contain only natural ingredients and have no artificial colors. This is what you’re looking for in fish food because it brings out the natural coloring in your fish and keep them healthy and energized. Our pelleted fish food features a highly palatable formula that helps both fresh and saltwater fish to eat prepared foods, and our pelleted fish food helps to promote consistent color in your fish. Freeze dried fish food is a popular choice for fish owners because it’s high in protein, and it can be used as regular food or a treat. Freeze dried fish food provides a boost of nutrition to your fish’s diet. Check out all the fish food choices right here at Zen Pet Supplies.