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Fish Food Pellets

With so many different types of fish food on the market today, you may be overwhelmed by the choices, especially if you’re a novice when it comes to taking care of fish. Have no fear! Zen Pet Supplies not only has all the fish food you’ll need, but we also explain the different types to help you determine what is best for the particular species of fish you own. Zen carries everything from fish food flakes to freeze-dried fish food, so with such a large selection, you’re bound to find something that is nutritious for your fish and tasty, too. How will you know if your fish enjoy their food if they cannot communicate that to you? You’ll know just as if you’d know whether a dog likes his food—they will eat it with gusto. Fish food pellets are just one of the many types of fish food on sale now at Zen Pet Supplies.
Pellet fish foods make a great diet for both marine and freshwater fish, and they can be used alone or in addition to other types of fish food including fish flakes, frozen food or liquid fish food. As you browse through the different types of fish food available at Zen Pet Supplies, remember that experts recommend providing your fish a variety of types of food. Zen Pet Supplies even carries freeze-dried fish food. Just as you would not feed one source of food to a dog or cat, you should not feed one source of food to a fish. Mix it up, offer a variety of flavors and textures, and your fish will thank you (by living a longer, healthier, happier life). Many brands of pellet foods are available in different sizes to accommodate both small and larger fish; there are also floating and sinking pellets for top and bottom feeding fish. Zen Pet Supplies has all types of pellet fish food, and most of the types we carry will work in most brands of automatic feeders. Be sure to read the product description on the foods you choose to make sure they work with the type of automatic feeder you own.

One of the best things about pellet fish food is that’s quite a bit cheaper than other types of fish food; however, keep in mind that many species of fish cannot live on pellets alone. Tetras, gourami, and other mid to top-water fish can’t survive on a diet of pellet foods, so it’s recommended to use pellets as a supplement (for bottom feeders). Zen Pet Supplies also carries sinking pellets made for vegetarians, and these can be used as a supplement for algae eaters and other species. Floating pellets can be used as the sole source of food for large cichlids such as the Oscar and many of the larger American and African cichlids. While there are smaller floating pellets that are designed for community fish, it’s probably best to use flake fish food for a community aquarium because flake foods can feed a wider range of fish sizes. If you have any questions about which fish food to buy from Zen Pet Supplies, simply ask an experienced fish owner and please check out our blog for suggestions.