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Ferret Supplies and Products

If you’re thinking of adding a new furry member to your family, you should definitely consider a ferret. Ferrets belong to the weasel family, can grow to be about 20 inches in length, and can weigh anywhere from 1.5 to 4 pounds. They are incredibly social animals and will need a lot of human interaction in their formative years. They are also very, very curious animals, which can be quite shocking for new ferret owners. Don’t be surprised if you lose sight of your ferret a lot. They will explore everything they possibly can. Ferrets do well in homes without young children (it is recommended your children be at least 12) and where they are the only type of pet. While ferrets can be trained to do well around cats or dogs, they are not very good in homes with birds, guinea pigs, lizards, or other exotic animals due to their natural hunting instincts. If you do decide to bring a ferret into your home, Zen Pet Supplies is your go-to online source for everything you’ll need.

  • Bed

    Comfort meets style. Shop now and save on quality ferret beds. Easy to clean, durable and comfortable.
  • Bedding

    Our ferret bedding is made from the highest quality materials to ensure the optimum in pet comfort and effectiveness.
  • Cages

    Enjoy that feeling of your heart overflowing with adoration, while your little ones romp and play all the way into your heart.
  • Chew Repellent

    Stops pets from destructive chewing, nipping and biting. Use on wood, fabrics, furniture, skin, shoes, and plants.
  • Collars

    Designed specifically for the anatomy of ferrets and guaranteed to work on any size ferret. Fully adjustable with quick snap buckles for easy on/off.
  • Deoderizer

    Our ferret deodorizers eliminate tough odors and add shine to coat. Relieves minor skin irritations, relieves dry skin and prevents excessive shedding.
  • Dishes / Bowls

    Our food bowl specifically designed for small animals. Easy to clean, durable and safe. Save now.
  • Exercise Wheels and Balls

    Great for larger pet rats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and ferrets.   Ideal for inside and outside use.  Safe and durable.
  • Food

    Give your ferret the best lease on life possible with a vitamin and mineral enriched diet. Shop and save.
  • Grooming

    Shop now and save on ferret grooming products from Zen Pet Supplies.  Includes shampoos, nail clippers and more.
  • Harnesses

    Designed specifically for the anatomy of ferrets and guaranteed to work on any size ferret. Available in an assortment of colors.
  • Litter

    Our ferret litter is formulated to be dust-free and super absorbent. Made from all natural non-toxic minerals.
  • Litter Boxes

    Our ferret litter boxes have a low front entrance with high back to eliminate messy spills.  Shop now and save.
  • Toys

    Fantastic interactive toy for ferrets and owners. Enhance the bond between you and your furry friend.
  • Treats and Chews

    Our ferret treats are protein based, so it's a healthy choice to help satisfy your ferrets urge to chew and are an effective aid in removing tartar.
  • Vitamins and Supplements

    Enhance the longevity of your ferret friend. Give your ferret friend vitamins and supplements to ensure a healthy life.
  • Watering

    Our ferret water bottles are no drip and works with valve. Fits all wire cages. Keep your ferret babies hydrated while your away.
Zen Pet Supplies has everything from cages and bedding to collars, chew repellant, litter boxes and treats for your ferret. Because ferrets are so social and playful, it is suggested you keep at least two ferrets so they can have someone to play with while you’re not around. If you do get more than one ferret, it is suggested that you get a cage with more than one level, and Zen Pet Supplies’ Frisky Ferret Home Floor Cage would be perfect! It’s 34” high with two levels, so there’s plenty of room for your ferrets to do what they do best – play. Another one of our cages you should definitely take a look at is the Midwest Ferret Nation Add-on cage. This cage is built with sturdy wire construction and has plastic trays that are easy to remove when cleaning. But, the best part about this cage? You can continue to add on levels should you want to expand your ferrets’ habitat in the future. Be sure to also check our available bedding options to make sure your ferret is comfortable is his or her habitat.

Ferrets are incredibly playful, so you’ll definitely need some toys for your new furry family member. Zen Pet Supplies has balls, pull toys, and even a teaser toy that your ferret will love. It’s important you have enough toys around to stimulate your ferret because ferrets do require more attention and exercise than most other caged animals. While most ferret owners in Europe keep their ferrets outdoors, most ferret owners in the United States choose to keep their ferrets indoors to keep them safe from diseases that are more prevalent in North America than in Europe. However, that’s not to say your ferret won’t love to get out in the fresh air. The harnesses and leashes available at Zen Pet Supplies will enable you to walk your ferret while keeping him safe. We have harnesses and leashes that are specially designed for ferrets so they are comfortable, safe, and fit properly. If you’re a ferret owner or hoping to become a ferret owner, be sure to check out all the cool supplies at Zen Pet Supplies today!