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Ferret Cages

If you’re thinking of adding a new pet to your family, have you considered a ferret? Let’s learn a bit about ferrets before taking a look at some of the cages we suggest for housing your pet ferret in that are available right here in our online store. Ferrets actually belong to the weasel family, they can grow to be about 20 inches in length, and the will weigh anywhere from one and a half to four pounds. They are super sociable animals and will want a lot of human interaction in their formative years (you’ll be happy to love on these little guys because they are so incredibly adorable!). Ferrets are also super curious animals, and when they first enter your home as a pet, don’t be surprised if they get into everything they possibly can in the first few days. This one of the big reasons we always recommend setting up a habitat before a pet arrives. Be sure to shop at Zen Pet Supplies for your ferret cages before your new pet comes home.
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Home Sweet Home 41 Inch Small Animal Cage
Retail Price: $101.94
Sales Price: $89.20
Savings: $12.74
Midwest Ferret Nation Add-On Single Unit
Retail Price: $142.80
Sales Price: $124.95
Savings: $17.85
Frisky Ferret Cage
Retail Price: $168.94
Sales Price: $129.95
Savings: $38.99
Midwest Ferret Nation Single Unit Cage
Retail Price: $186.48
Sales Price: $163.17
Savings: $23.31
Feisty Ferret Home Feisty Ferret Home
Retail Price: $259.94
Sales Price: $199.95
Savings: $59.99
Four Story Small Pet Cage
Retail Price: $259.94
Sales Price: $199.95
Savings: $59.99
Jumbo Small Animal Cage Jumbo Small Animal Cage
Retail Price: $311.94
Sales Price: $239.95
Savings: $71.99
Midwest Ferret Nation Double Unit Cage
Retail Price: $303.96
Sales Price: $265.97
Savings: $37.99
Midwest Critter Nation Double Level Pet Pen
Retail Price: $337.14
Sales Price: $295.00
Savings: $42.14
Large Corner Ferret Cage Large Corner Ferret Cage
Retail Price: $454.94
Sales Price: $349.95
Savings: $104.99
Corner Ferret Cage
Retail Price: $454.94
Sales Price: $349.95
Savings: $104.99
Here are just a few of the benefits of owning a ferret:
  • They are cute and have adorable eyes and faces.
  • They are naturally curious and playful and will provide hours of entertainment for their owners. They actually play with toys just as dogs, cats and other pets do.
  • They are sociable, affectionate and friendly.
  • They are intelligent and can actually be trained to obey simple commands.
  • They are quiet and rarely vocalize; they only make loud noises when they're hurt or frightened.
  • They love to interact with their human companions.
  • They can be litter box trained.
  • They are easy to feed.
  • They have distinct personalities, much like cats and dogs; some are cuddly and affectionate while others are more independent like cats.
The only home ferrets do not do well in is home with very small children as it’s recommended that your children be at least twelve years old to handle and care for a ferret. While ferrets can be trained to do well around cats or dogs, they are not very good in homes with birds, guinea pigs, lizards, and other non-traditional pets because ferrets are born to hunt. If you do decide to bring a ferret into your home, Zen Pet Supplies is your go-to online source for everything you’ll need, and we have a very large selection of ferret cages that are priced affordably. We understand this is a big investment, but it’s one you’ll have for the lifetime of your ferret, so we encourage you to take your time and choose wisely.

We always recommend doing your homework before making a big purchase like a ferret cage. You can do research online or speak to an experienced ferret owner to get some advice about which types and sizes of cages work best. But, please keep in mind that not all ferrets will react the same way to a certain cage. While a single level cage may suffice for one ferret, it may not be roomy enough for another ferret. For this reason, we carry a very big selection of different sizes and styles of ferret cages for your little friend. Every ferret’s cage must be spacious and well ventilated. Housing your ferret in an aquarium puts him at a higher risk of developing heatstroke and respiratory disease and is simply not kind. Ferrets belong in cages because they just don’t get the proper airflow in an aquarium, so their cages must be constructed from a material, such as wire, that allows for proper ventilation. If the cage has a wire floor or wire shelves, cover them with fabric, carpet remnants, or another covering to protect your ferret's sensitive feet. You’ll find large, comfortable and fun ferret cages available today at Zen Pet Supplies.