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Ferret Beds

Are you the proud owner of an adorable ferret? Are you thinking about adopting a ferret from your local animal shelter and aren’t really sure if this is the right pet for you? Ferrets are not independent like cats, so if you are looking for a pet that can be left alone for extended periods of time and kind of “fend for themselves,” then you may want to consider more low maintenance small animals as a pet. Let’s take a look at some general information about ferrets, and then get into our ferret beds available now at the Zen Pet Supplies’ online store. If you’re a frequent visitor to your site, you know how much we emphasize that not all types of small animal bedding works for all types of small animals. For instance, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, and mice will use various types of pressed wood chips as their bedding. When you explore our ferret bedding below, you’ll see we sell actual beds for these amazing creatures.
Ferrets belong to the weasel family, can grow to be about 20 inches in length, and may weigh from 1.5 to 4 pounds. They are extremely social creatures that will need a great deal of human interaction, especially while they are young. Ferrets are also very inquisitive animals, so your ferret will get into anything and everything he can when he is brought home. When let loose, you will often lose sight of your ferret because they are natural explorers. Ferrets seem to do best in homes without young children (it is recommended your children be at least 12) and where they are the only pet. While ferrets can be trained to do well around cats or dogs, they are not very good in homes with birds, guinea pigs, lizards, or other exotic animals due to their natural hunting instincts.

One of the most important responsibilities you’ll have as the owner of a ferret is to create a habitat in your home that most closely resembles his habitat in the wild, and you can do that by browsing around the Zen Pet Supplies website to check out our other ferret supplies, products and equipment. You should find everything you will need to set up an ideal ferret habitat right here in our online store. Bedding might be the most important part of your ferret’s environment. Since they like to nestle and burrow (during play and sleep), it’s crucial to your ferret's mental and physical health and wellbeing to have appropriate bedding. Ferrets that do not have a place to hide and call their own may suffer from "cage stress,” which can lead to destructive behavior. The ferret beds in our current inventory are soft and comfortable, and because they’re made with foam-free materials, they are also safe. If you are looking for a particular size or type of ferret bed and cannot find it here today, please check back again soon as we add to our inventory on a regular basis.