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Dog Vitamins and Supplements

When you add a furry buddy to your family, you want to do everything in your power to provide him a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and play, and a regular schedule. Most dogs who are fed traditional or organic dog foods have a great balance of the necessary vitamins they need. Just like humans, dogs’ bodies produce and require a number of different vitamins to live a long healthy life. If your dog is not getting the vitamins and minerals he needs through his regular diet, he may require vitamins and supplements. If so, you can rest assured that Zen Pet Supplies has you covered. We carry a number of affordable, effective dog vitamins and supplements to ensure your dog gets what he needs. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) states that most dogs receive a complete and balanced diet from commercial dog food, but dogs fed a homemade diet may require supplements and vitamins.
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Complete Me Omega Soft Dog Chew Supplement 90 count
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If your dog already has the vitamins he needs, you don’t want to give him vitamin supplements, as this can be dangerous. According to the FDA, if an animal already eats a balanced diet and receives excess portions of some vitamins and minerals, they could be harmful. For instance, too much calcium can cause problems with your dog’s skeletal system, especially in large breeds. Too much Vitamin A can harm your dog’s blood vessels, cause dehydration and lead to joint pain throughout his body. Too much Vitamin Di can cause your dog to stop eating, harm his bones and cause his muscles to atrophy (weaken and waste away in time).

Dog vitamins and supplements available at Zen Pet Supplies come in different types; we have tablets, chewables, drops, lotions and even a nutritional supplement that makes your dog’s coat healthier, fuller, and shinier. If your dog’s coat is lackluster, or if he is shedding excessively, give our anti-shredding supplement a try. It has a yummy taste dogs really love and is formulated with natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals to reduce excessive seasonal and non-seasonal shedding. We even have an anxiety and short-term stress reducer for dogs. It’s formulated to settle your dog’s nerves and reduce hyperactivity before traveling or grooming. If your pet is afraid of thunderstorms, this may be the perfect remedy to ease his anxiety. Please shop at Zen Pet Supplies today for dog vitamins and supplements that are effective and affordable. And with vitamins and supplements coming in so many different forms, we think you'll find one that works really for your canine companion.