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Dog Treat Jars

If you’re the owner of a dog (or several), you know how important it is to keep plenty of dog treats in the home. We use dog treats as rewards when we are teaching our dogs commands, and we also use treats just as what their namesake says, “a treat” for our dog is being especially well behaved or just super cute. After all, look at the joy and excitement our dogs show when we ask the question, “You want a treat?” The mere thought of that delicious morsel of goodness coming their way makes our canine companions so very happy. Dog treats often come in large bags, and because it’s recommended to not “over treat” your dog (to avoid weight gain and too many calories per day), you may want to consider some type of storage container for dog treats once the bag is opened. Zen Pet Supplies’ dog treat jars/containers will keep dog treats fresh for a very long time.
The dog treat dispensers in our current inventory have wide openings so they’re super easy to access. Once you open a bag of treats that you bought from Zen Pet Supplies, simply pour the treats into one of our canisters or jars and they’re sure to stay fresh for weeks and weeks. Putting dog treats into a jar or container is a good way to keep them in one central location in the home so the entire family can get to them when necessary. Of course, you want to make sure your jar of treats is far away from your pooch’s reach because if there’s a will there’s a way—he will get in that jar or container if he so desires and if he’s big and strong enough!

The airtight lids on Zen’s dog treat containers really keep the treats fresh for a long time. When we open a bag of treats and are in a hurry, we may not always take the time to close the bag properly, and if the bag doesn’t have a zip enclosure, it will likely come open at some point, which could lead to the treats going stale more quickly than they would if they were properly stored in an airtight jar. Our dog treat jars and containers can also be used for kibble, of course. One very popular treat container is the Bella Bowl Canister, a stainless steel treat canisters with an attractive poly-resin exterior. Bella canisters come with a removable rubber base to prevent spills and a see-through plastic lid with gasket seal to keep treats fresh, and they come in three lovely colors. Be sure to check out dog treats and dog treat jars and containers at Zen Pet Supplies today.