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Dog Treat Dispensers

There’s nothing more rewarding than teaching your pooch obedience commands and cute tricks like “shake” or “dance” to show off to your friends. Many dog lovers want everyone to know how smart their dog is, and we’ll spend a great deal of time training our dog to not only mind our commands such as “come” or “stay,” but we will also teach our dog to do fancier tricks that are mainly for show. An integral part of any dog training, whether it be for safety or for fun, is to reward your canine buddy when he does a good job. And what do dogs want as a reward? They want dog treats, of course. We dog owners know the power of the question, “You want a treat?” When we ask this, we can just see the joy and excitement consume our furry buddy’s face and body. The anticipation of that delicious treat coming soon is just too much to bear sometimes. With treat dispensers from Zen Pet Supplies, you can offer your dog a treat but make him work for it at the same time.
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Our Pets Dog Atomic Treat Ball
Retail Price: $13.14
Sales Price: $11.50
Savings: $1.64
StarMark Everlasting Bento Ball
Retail Price: $17.76
Sales Price: $15.54
Savings: $2.22
Our Pets Dog Buster Food Cube
Retail Price: $18.96
Sales Price: $16.59
Savings: $2.37
With dog treat dispensers from Zen Pet Supplies, getting a treat will be more of a project than a quick reward. Your dog will actually have to work to get these little gems to dispense treats. Let’s take a look at how treat dispensers work. You put dog treats in the dispenser, and your dog has to “work” to get them out. This provides the mental and physical stimulation your dog needs. You control how difficult or easy it is for treats to come out with the twist of a mechanism on the dispenser. It’s really that easy. Our treat dispensers feature varying levels of difficulty for the treats to be accessed. All you have to do is read the directions on our various dispensers , choose the level of difficulty, and sit back and watch your dog delight in the challenge of getting a yummy treat out of the dispenser. Be sure to get ready to video this fun time!

Dog treat dispensers from Zen Pet Supplies are sturdy and long lasting. They will stand up to large-sized dogs who will go to great lengths to get that treat out of the dispenser. We have Atomic Treat Balls that allow you to incorporate exercise into the fun project of treat retrieval. Simply put the treats in the ball, throw it and watch your dog fetch more earnestly than he ever has before. Why? Because he knows when he gets to the ball, there are treats waiting for him! He doesn’t need any more incentive than that!