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Dog and Puppy Housebreaking Supplies and Aids

Housebreaking your new puppy can be quite a challenge, but when you have the right supplies and have done your homework, it can be much, much easier. Zen Pet Supplies has a large selection of housebreaking supplies to make training your new pooch a fun experience with less hassle and stress. Dog housebreaking supplies and aids at Zen Pet Supplies are plentiful, and our products are priced affordably to fit virtually any budget. Let’s take a look at just some of the dog housebreaking supplies and aids currently available. If you’re a first-time dog owner, it’s important to begin training your dog immediately so good habits are taught while he/she is still young. The longer you wait to housebreak your furry buddy, the more difficult it will be, and be sure to ask your veterinarian or friends with dogs for any housebreaking tips they may have to share. Let’s take a look at just some of the dog housebreaking supplies and aids currently available.
  • Indoor Potty Systems

    Our indoor dog pottie systems are easy-to-use pet relief system that's convenient and a cost effective alternative to disposable pet pads and expensive dog walkers!
  • Stain and Odor

    Easily keep your house smelling fresh and clean.  Shop and save on our dog stain and odor removers.
  • Training Pads

    Browse and save on K9 pee pads at Zen Pet Supplies.  We make housebreaking quick and easy.
Everyone has their own style for housebreaking, so once you choose the method that you think is best for your canine companion, be sure to stock up on the supplies you’ll need. If you have a senior-aged dog with bladder and bowel control issues, we carry doggie diapers that are absorbent and comfortable. Less clean up for you and sheer comfort for your older pooch. Keep your furniture looking and smelling like new with our bitter-tasting deterrent sprays to keep your furry friend from relieving himself on the couch, chair, throw rugs and beds. We carry a number of training pads for those who want their dogs to relieve themselves indoors; some are disposable and others are super easy to clean. When accidents do happen (and they will!), Zen has a number of cleaning products that will eliminate stains and odors left behind when your little buddy has an accident inside the home.

One alternative to “wee wee” pads we offer is our indoor pet toilet, which has a fully enclosed base chamber with a recessed design that collects liquid; this amazing housebreaking aid has a drain valve system that allows you to tilt the base unit to drain, controlling flow with its adjustable valve. With this housebreaking tool, you will have no spillable trays and no mess. The light-weight PVC turf is highly porous, and its puppy-friendly design requires that you simply remove it and rinse it. It’s compact in size and easy to transport, and it even has built-in hand grips. This wonderful housebreaking aid really does making housebreaking your dog super easy and stress free! Be sure to check out all of the dog housebreaking supplies and aids available now at Zen Pet Supplies.