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Dog Car Barriers, Ramps, Car Seats and Seat Covers

If you lead an active life, your dog probably does too, so you want to make sure you have the right equipment and supplies to make traveling with your pooch safe and carefree. Zen Pet Supplies has a number of car seats, car harnesses, booster seats, barriers, seat covers and ramps to make traveling with your dog enjoyable and safe. It can be dangerous to drive with an unsecured pet especially when going on long trips. An unsecured dog can be thrown inside the car and can be seriously injured even while driving in regular, everyday traffic. You don't need to get in an accident for you or your dog to be seriously injured while traveling.
  • Barriers

    Keep you and your dog safe while driving. Choose from a wide variety of top quality dog barriers for your vehicle.

  • Beds

    Protect your vehicle from dirt and hair, as well as provide a soft bed for lounging when your pooch tags along for the ride.
  • Car Door Protectors

    Protect vehicle doors from dirt and scratches with the our Vehicle Door Protector. Shop now and save!
  • Up and Out Harness Lift

    Designed for injured and elderly dogs that have difficulty jumping into the car. Don't struggle to lift your heavy dog anymore.
  • Pet SUV Cargo Liners

    Protect your cargo space from mud, water and accidents while riding with your pup in the car.

  • Ramps

    Dog ramps ensure your dog's safety while getting in and out of vehicles giving you the peace of mind you need while traveling.

  • Seat Covers

    Wide selection of quality seat covers for your vehicle. Made with strong, long lasting material, ideal for any size dog.

  • Car Seats

    Choose from a wide variety of dog car seat styles, colors and sizes. Keep your family safe and secure while traveling.

Dogs need a lot of attention, and when you leave the house, they want to go with you, but you need to have the right tools to accommodate the transport of your four-legged friend. That is were we come in! Zen Pet offers a wide selection dog car barriers, dog seats as well as the doggy seat covers, and booster seats for the smaller canine comrade.

Zen Pet Supplies has the equipment you need for all types of vehicles, and we offer supplies for dogs of all sizes. Whether you're looking for a car seat to secure in the back of the car or a console seat so the little guy can ride right alongside you, Zen Pet Supplies has what you need in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Keep you, your family and your dogs safe and secure while traveling with car seats and other equipment from Zen Pet Supplies.