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Dog Poop Scoops and Rakes

When you bring home a dog to care for, you have a huge responsibility to take care of all of his needs, and you have an obligation to play with him and make his life as happy and pleasant as possible. The intrinsic rewards of dog ownership are simply too numerous to mention. Any dog lover will tell you that there’s nothing better than coming home after work to your dog(s) who has missed you and loves you no matter what. But with dog ownership comes an unpleasant task or two, and one of those tasks is waste removal. If you own a big dog, you know full well that poop pick-up is a huge part of caring for your dog and not something that can be ignored. There’s nothing worse than a lawn that is covered with dog feces because the owners have not gotten around to picking up after their canine buddy. Zen Pet Supplies has a number of dog poop scoops and rakes available now to help waste removal much easier.
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Waste Rake Pooper Scooper Waste Rake Pooper Scooper 29"
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Not picking up after your dog is hazardous. According to the Department of Conservation, storm water carries waste directly into waterways, and animal waste adds nitrogen to the water. Excess amounts of nitrogen deplete the oxygen in the water that’s necessary for underwater grasses, fish and other wildlife to survive. Roundworms and hookworms in dog feces can survive in soil for a long time and then be transmitted to other animals and even humans. If you have a large dog, waste removal can be a large job, and if you take your dog on walks, to the park or to the mountains, you have an ethical responsibility to the people in those areas and to the environment to pick up after your dog. Zen Pet Supplies carries a number of scoops and rakes to make dog waste removal less of a chore. You can even teach your kids how to clean up after their furry buddy; this will help instill the importance of waste removal in your youngsters’ minds.

In the Zen Pet Supplies current inventory, you'll find what’s known as a spring-action scooper, an innovative poop scooper that allows you to use only one hand/arm to pick up waste. It’s made of durable plastic and has a wide handle and comfortable grip—for the times you put off poop pickup for weeks on end! This particular poop scooper is ideal for flat surfaces including sidewalks, pavement and streets. Dog poop scoopers and rakes from Zen Pet Supplies inhibit the growth of bacterial odors, reduce odors from microorganisms and are made with non-stick plastic additives. Be sure to check out all of the pet waste removal products at Zen Pet Supplies today.