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Dog Medications

No one likes to see loved ones suffer, and when it comes to your dog, you want to relieve any discomfort he’s experiencing as quickly and easily as possible. You’ve come to the right place if you’re in need of any number of dog medications because Zen Pet Supplies has the supplies you need to take care of your canine companion. Even if your dog is not sick at the moment, you may want to think about keeping some of the Zen dog medications on hand at your home in case something does happen to your beloved pet. Zen Pet Supplies carries all the dog medications you’ll need to help your pooch live a long happy life. We currently carry medications for digestive/bowl problems like diarrhea, antifungals, antiseptics, aspirin, de-wormers, itch relief, ear and eye medications, hydrocortisone, hip and joint pain relievers, medicated shampoos, and even a pill dispenser to easily get the medication from its container to your K9 buddy.
  • Antidiarrhea

    Quickly help soothe upset stomachs and symtoms of diarrhea in pets.  Apply with a syringe applicator directly into the mouth.  
  • Antifungal

    Deodorize and relive fungal and bacterial skin infections such as dermatitis & pryoderma which can lead to allergies.
  • Antiseptic

    Soothe and treat superficial minor skin irritations, help prevent infection and promote healing. Enhance our pups healing process.
  • Aspirin

    Aspirin chewables provide temporary relief of pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and joint problems in dogs.
  • Dewormer

    Treat and control against Tapeworms, Roundworms, Hookworms, and Whipworms. Better than any other over-the-counter single worming products available.
  • Dog Anti-Itching Products

    Reduce itching, redness and swelling.  Shop and save on our anti-itching dog supplies and ensure a happy / healthy life.
  • Ear Medication

    Soothingly clean your dogs ears and ease scratching, redness and soreness due to waxy buildup and keeps the ear canal fresh.
  • Eyes

    Now you can effectively eliminate tear stains from the inside out. Shop and save on dog eye medications.
  • Hip and Joints

    Help maintain a healthy joint function and connective tissue in dogs with a previous injury or over 9 years of age. Great for elderly dogs with long-standing joint problems.
  • Hydrocortisone

    Quickly and safely relieve minor skin irritations and inflammation due to hot spots of flea and insect bites. Help alleviate itching.
  • Medicated Shampoo

    Relieve itching & scratching, while calming inflamed  & irritated skin.  Reduce itching, redness and swelling with our medicated shampoo.
  • Pill Dispenser

    Easily administer pills to your dog. Giving your dog their medication doesn't have to be difficult.
Dogs have all the systems of the body that humans have including a respiratory system, a digestive system, an endocrine system and a cardiovascular system, just to name a few. When things happen to go wrong with any one of these systems, your dog may exhibit symptoms of being sick. If you feel your dog’s sickness is manageable or something you can treat at home, you will need medication to help your pet. However, before administering type of medication to your pet, you should consult a veterinarian. You certainly want to make your pooch sicker by giving him wrong medication or too much of something. A trained veterinarian can advise you of treatment, and if he/she thinks it’s serious enough, you may have to bring your dog to the vet.

If you notice your dog’s coat is not looking his best, or if he seems to be scratching a lot, or has dry, flaky skin, you may want to try one of the Zen Pet Supplies medicated shampoos for dogs. If you need a pill dispenser or a way to get the medication into your dog, we have supplies to do so, including an easy-to-use syringe-like device to put liquid medicine into your pooch. It’s a pain-free, quick way to safely administer your dog the medication he needs to feel better soon. If your dog is sick and you need treatment in a hurry, please contact your vet, and be sure to stock up on dog medication from Zen Pet Supplies today.