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Dog Wound Care. Stop Bleeding Fast

Our dogs are always happy to see us when we walk through the door, and they always put a smile on our faces. Dogs are members of our family just as our children are. So, it can be a really scary experience when your dog is bleeding – even just from a minor cut or scrape. It’s our job to make sure our dogs are happy and healthy, and when they’re in pain we always want to help. Zen Pet Supplies offers a number of different wound care products you can use to stop bleeding from any minor cut. Whether your dog’s nails were cut too short or he got a little too excited in the backyard and scraped himself, the wound supplies you can find at Zen Pet Supplies will stop his bleeding immediately. Don’t wait until your dog is in pain to realize that you are not prepared to help in his time of need. Purchase dog wound products from Zen Pet Supplies today.
Dogs need their nails clipped. It’s a simple task that is imperative in keeping your dog healthy and happy. Long nails can be very, very painful for a dog. But, what happens when you or your groomer clip his nails too short? That is also very painful and can even cause bleeding. Just imagine if your toenails were cut too short, but you still had to walk on them every day. If your dog’s nails have been cut too short and are bleeding, styptic powder is a great product to have on hand. Styptic powder will stop your dog’s bleeding immediately by causing the blood vessels to contract, helping the blood clot, and helping the wound close as fast as possible. Styptic powder itself does not contain any ingredient for pain, which is why it’s usually a good idea to buy a styptic powder product that contains benzocaine, like many of those at Zen Pet Supplies.

If your dog loves to go to the park or play fetch outside, it is possible that he could hurt himself. Are you ready to handle it if your dog suffers from a minor wound? One of the best products to have ready and available is wound care spray. Zen Pet Supplies has wound care spray, pads, and powder made from all-natural formulas so you’re not spraying your dog’s open wound with toxins. Wound care spray works to clean your dog’s minor wounds and prevent infection. Be sure to take a look at all of the wound care products available at Zen Pet Supplies, and be prepared when your dog needs you most.