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Dog Grooming Supplies

Save some money on your dog’s budget by investing in grooming products that you can use at home. You’ll also save on the time it takes transporting your dog back and forth from grooming appointments.

Why take your dog to the groomer every couple of months if you can do a great job grooming him at home? If you have a breed that requires frequent trips to the groomer, you have probably noticed that you're spending quite a bit of money on your pooch's spa days. With dog grooming kits from Zen Pet Supplies, you can do a nice grooming job at home while saving both time and money. Our dog grooming kits come with everything you'll need to perform a thorough pet grooming, and your dog will love that he gets to stay home with you instead of making that dreaded trip to the groomer!

Turn your home into a doggy spa with our Doggie Hand-Held Pet Washer that comes with a claw attachment to better exfoliate your dog’s skin during the wash. Rinse your dog down with a warm shower with the Paws for Thoughts Booster Bath Tropical Shower adapter that’s designed to work with a washing machine valve and garden hose. This easy-to-install adapter is heat and pressure rated with a one-time temperature setting and is portable enough to store when not in use. For the hikers and beachcombers, invest in the K9 Portable Shower that comes at an affordable price and can also be easily tucked away in your vehicle. Rinse those paws off from the gritty sand and dirt before taking your furry friend for a ride. For the pups that need an extra lift to get into their tub, get the Paws for Thoughts Booster Bath Step that does the double duty of getting your pup into a high riding truck. Bathe your dog in style with his or her own private bath. The Shouse Dog Grooming Kennel is a stylish-looking climate controlled water temperature tub shaped like a traditional doghouse with built-in drainpipe fixtures and a doggy door that folds out into a ramp. Zen Pet also has a selection of grooming tables and accessories, coat shears, nail clippers, and more.

You will love the cordless clippers and color-coated combs for various lengths of hair or fur. You even get cleaning brushes and blade oil and guards just like the ones used at professional grooming facilities. Our kits come with instructions on how to use everything, so you won't have to worry about not knowing what to do with all the wonderful implements you'll get in the kit. In-home dog baths are the perfect choice for dogs that absolutely hate going to the groomer. Your dog will feel safe and secure when you pull out your Zen Pet Supplies dog grooming kit!