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Dog GPS Tracking System

If you prefer not to embed a tracking device in your dog, consider the Dog GPS Tracking System from Zen Pet Supplies. This adjustable collar will fit almost any pet. You can be at ease knowing that wherever your dog runs off to, you’ll be able to track him or her with this collar that’s controlled by a single hand-held transmitter.

Know exactly where your dog is at a moment's notice. For years, dog owners have wanted a GPS dog tracking system, paired with a remote training collar that can be controlled by a single hand-held transmitter. One of the best features about the dog tracking/GPS systems from Zen is that you can monitor up to 12 dogs with one system simply buy additional collars for the other dogs.

What’s great about this Dog GPS Tracking System is that you can purchase multiple collars and monitor them all with one transmitter. This is perfect for hunters who have dogs assist them. Hunters can safely let their dogs loose and find their wild game by simply using their tracking gear. This tracking system is also perfect for family camping trips where your trained dog can run wild without having to worry if he or she is lost. Let your furry friend run free at the beach or at public parks too worry free! This transmitter has a range of approximately seven miles, which gives your dog plenty of space to stretch those canine legs giving him plenty of exercise. If your dog just simply has a knack for always getting loose, and you want to find him easily, but don’t want to poke and prod him with a chip, this is the best option for the both of you!

Now you can sit in the living room with your family and keep an eye on your dog all at the same time without ever getting out of your chair. Go camping and let them run without worrying if they will run off.

Zen Pet Supplies delivers the safest, most reliable dog tracking/GPS systems on the market some of the collars and transmitters have a range of up to seven miles! If you trust that your dog can go for a walk and keep himself out of trouble, or if your dog has a bad habit of getting loose, you never have to worry about his safety or whereabouts again. Tracking systems from Zen Pet Supplies give you a bird's eye view of your dog's travels without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.