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Wireless, Electronic, Underground Dog Fences

Shop a large selection of quality underground fences and wireless fences to protect your dogs and keep them contained in a designated area. If your dogs are primarily outside dogs or if they have shown a tendency to run off, you will really love the fencing options offered by Zen Pet Supplies. Dogs actually respond very well to proper containment, and dog fences are an excellent option when it comes to keeping your family pets contained in a yard or in a specific section of property.
  • Accessories

    Find all the dog fence accessories you need at Zen Pet Supplies. Accommodating all your underground, above ground and wireless fencing needs necessities.
  • Parts

    Pick up the dog fence parts you need at Zen Pet Supplies. Shop now and save.
  • Underground Fences

    Keep your fur babies safely secure with an underground dog fence from Zen Pet Supplies.  Shop now and save.
  • Wireless Fences

    Looking for a fence to keep your dog safely in the yard?  Our wireless dog fences are safe, effective and humane.  Shop now to save.
Underground dog fences offer the most reliable pet containment system and allow for the maximum amount of yard space for your pet to roam freely. Our most advanced in-ground fence system keeps your pet in your yard with a transmitter, rechargeable collar, and wires that are buried in your yard. The underground fence system is easy to install and extremely dependable.

The wireless dog fences require even less work than an underground fence. Simply set up the boundary, place batteries in the transmitter and put the comfortable collar on your dog. Ideal for all breeds over 5 pounds, a wireless fence from Zen Pet Supplies allows your dog plenty of space to run around 5 to 105 feet in all directions and up to 210 feet across!