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Durable, Stylish and Easy-to-Clean Dog Bowls and Watering Fountains

One of the most exciting aspects of K9 ownership is buying all the dog supplies the little guy needs upon arriving at his new home. One of the most important things you'll need for your new pet is a high quality food bowl. Our dog bowls come in several sizes and styles to choose from, and we also carry water bowls and fountains to ensure your dog has an endless supply of clean, refreshing water. If you work long hours or are constantly on the go running errands, you need to know that your dog has enough food and water for the day.

You also want to be able to relax and know your dog's bowls are sturdy in case the pooches get a bit rowdy in your absence. Zen Pet Supplies has large, elevated dog bowls that can withstand the mischievousness that your precious pooches are capable of when you're not around.

Many of Zen's dog bowl have detachable bowls for easy cleaning, and because the stands are raised, your dog no longer has to crouch to get to his food. Dining in an upright position improves digestion and is much more comfortable for your dog than leaning down to a bowl on the floor. Most of our dog bowls feature rounded sides that keep food and water centered, minimizing spills, and since these bowls are dishwasher safe, there's less work for you.