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eCollars for Dogs

Do you know the dog eCollar got its name? The “E” stands for Elizabethan, and is named after Queen Elizabeth and her famous style of headgear and wardrobe. The eCollor is shaped like a lampshade and is the most-often used and effective way to keep a dog from licking a wound that’s healing or a surgical area. If you need to prevent your dog from licking, the eCollar is the only way to go. This simple piece of dog gear has worked for centuries, and its style really has not changed much over the years. It’s basically still a lampshade-shaped protective piece of gear that your dog wears around his neck to prevent him from gaining access to his wounds or surgical sites. The eCollar is also often used to keep dogs from biting other dogs or people, but there are much better ways to do that. The eCollar should strictly be used to keep your dog from licking wounds.
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Kong EZ E-Collar
Retail Price: $14.60
Sales Price: $12.78
Savings: $1.82
The Elizabethan dog collar surrounds your dog’s head, preventing him from getting to any wounded area on his entire body. The only disadvantage is that it takes the pet a few days to get used to the collar. It will be difficult to watch your canine companion (who’s already suffering from surgery or some type of wound) bang into furniture, walls, the floor and your legs, and some dogs will not eat while the collar is on. Fortunately, the collar can be removed when you are around to supervise and prevent him from licking and then simply put the collar back on when you’re not watching.

Zen Pet Supplies has a eCollars on sale now. These collars come with a padded neckline for added comfort and they are made to fit all sizes of dog. You can choose a small eCollar or an extra large eCollar. We even have a pack of several clear eCollars for those of you have lots of dogs running around. The Velcro strips make it super easy to get the eCollar on and off your dog quickly and without any discomfort. The Velcro stays in place so your dog will find it pretty tough to make his way out of his eCollar. Zen Pet Supplies even carries a small inflatable cloud collar that is light and extremely comfortable. Give this one a try if you’ve not had much luck with the traditional eCollars. While advances in technology have improved a number of products sold for dogs and other animals, some gear just doesn't need to be improved upon, like a dog eCollar from Zen Pet Supplies!