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Dog Containment Systems

Safe, Effective and Durable

We have a variety of dog containment equipment to suit your needs. We have gates, fences, pens and kennels for dogs of all sizes, and we also have collars with wireless transmitters that can be used to control your dog's behavior and boundaries. With our dog containment equipment, you'll get the peace of mind knowing their safe.
  • Carriers

    Zen Pet Supplies has an extensive selection of dog carriers to fit your travel needs, so order one today!

  • Chain

    Not for long terms use, these chains are perfect for potty breaks and camping.  Shop and save on durable dog chains and keep your pup safe.
  • Crates

    Our wire crates are heavy duty and easy to transport. Provide a safe & secure area for your pup to lay their head. Helps prevent barking and chewing.
  • Fences

    Keep our dogs safe and secure in the yard with an underground or wireless fence from Zen Pet Supplies.

  • Gates

    Shop a large variety of dog gates to keep your beloved pets safe and secure in the rooms you want them in.

  • Ground Stakes

    When we camp, we use these ground stakes in conjunction with the cables to keep our pups safe and secure.  Shop now and save.
  • Pens

    Give your pup the freedom to relax outdoors, while you feel secure knowing their safe.  Shop now and save on indoor / outdoor pens.
  • Kennels

    Effective and durable dog kennels / pens for maximum security. Keep them safe and comfortable in a tranquil environment.

If dogs are not properly contained, they can run away or get injured, so it's important that you have the proper containment system for dogs that have demonstrated aggressive behavior or a tendency to run off. If you have been opposed to containing your dogs in the past, you should know that when properly contained, dogs respond extremely well to their limited environment, and with boundaries in place, the dogs soon learn where they can and cannot go.

Our fences, gates and collars cause no harm to your dogs and teach them to stay within a designated area to ensure their safety and the safety of others. All of our dog containment equipment is easy to install and will provide years of safe keeping for your beloved dogs.