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Keep your Dogs Coast Smelling Fresh and Clean

Who doesn’t love that new puppy smell? Or, is it that new car smell? Or, wait, is it that new baby smell? It’s all three! But puppy breath is the best smell of them all according to dog lovers. Dog caretakers love everything about their canine friends, including how they smell, but if there are some days where your pooch is not smelling his best or maybe you just love to have a great-smelling dog to show off! If this is the case, you can find an assortment of amazing dog coat fragrance sprays available now at Zen Pet Supplies. After giving your pooch a bath and drying his hair, you can spray a fragrance on him, and he’ll smell delightful for days! When he jumps on the furniture or crawls into bed with you, his delightful aroma will linger for a long time.
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Pet Head Doggie Fragrance
Retail Price: $11.64
Sales Price: $10.19
Savings: $1.45
Pet Head Poof Magical Deodorizing Spray
Retail Price: $12.54
Sales Price: $10.97
Savings: $1.57
If you’re of the mindset that dog coat fragrance sprays are only for “girls” then you, my friend, are wrong! Male dogs like to smell good, too, and with a just a quick spray of one of our many coat sprays, your pooch will be the best-smelling thing in your home. We have a good selection of aromas to choose from, and our dog coat sprays don’t contain any harmful ingredients. In fact, many of them are made from a unique blend of natural ingredients that neutralizes odors and leave your K9 friend smelling clean and fresh. There are no parabens or chemical dyes in dog coat sprays from Zen Pet Supplies.

We even have a coat spray that will condition your dog’s skin as it improves his scent. Between baths, you can use a 3-in-1 spray to moisturize your dog’s skin and coat and give him a healthy shine with no oily residue left behind. Many of our products contain Vitamin E, so they are great for the skin. Be sure to spot spray a small area of your dog before spraying his entire body to monitor any type of negative reaction he may have. While this is rare, it is possible, so spritz and wait, and when you see he’s fine, stock up on dog coat fragrance sprays from Zen Pet Supplies.