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Dog Clipper Replacement Blades

Taking good care of your dog’s grooming and bathing needs is so very important to ensuring your dog lives a long, healthy, happy life. Everyone feels better after a nice long shower or bath, including dogs, so when it comes time to provide dog grooming and bathing products for your canine companion, be sure to buy the best. There’s nothing more difficult than trying to cut your dog’s hair or fur with dull blades. Zen Pet Supplies has a number of dog clipper replacement blades on sale now. These replacement blades will make grooming your dog much easier and faster. Cutting hair or fur with a dull blade can take forever, and it can be uncomfortable for your dog. For those of you who have been to a barber, you know how painful a dull razor can be. Be sure to stock on dog clipper replacement blades now so they’re there when you need them!
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Peanut Replacement Blade Set Finishing
Retail Price: $23.39
Sales Price: $17.99
Savings: $5.40
MiniFigura Clipper Replacement Blade
Retail Price: $23.39
Sales Price: $17.99
Savings: $5.40
Wahl ChroMini Replacement Blade #30
Retail Price: $29.04
Sales Price: $25.41
Savings: $3.63
Wahl Mini ARCO Replacement Blade #30
Retail Price: $29.99
Sales Price: $26.24
Savings: $3.75
Wahl 5 in 1 Fine Replacement Blades
Retail Price: $33.73
Sales Price: $29.52
Savings: $4.21
Wahl Diamond Blade
Retail Price: $63.72
Sales Price: $55.76
Savings: $7.96
Before using dog clippers on your pooch’s coat, please do a little bit of reading about how to effectively do this, especially if you’ve never used clippers before. You don’t want to hurt your dog, and you don’t’ the other dogs making fun of his bad haircut! But once you get the hang of cutting your dog’s hair or fur, you’ll love how much money you can save by doing this task at home. No more monthly trips to the groomer, leaving your pooch behind and then having a pretty steep bill to pay upon pick-up. The cost of clippers and replacement blades will certainly be made up in no time at all with a few saved trips to the dog groomer.

There are many kinds of clippers and clipper replacement blades available on the market today; some are professional grade and some are made for home use. Before buying any clippers, make sure they’re designed for use on dogs. Human hair clippers are simply not strong enough for dog coats. Pet hair is usually thicker, and/or has an undercoat that this type of clipper was not built to handle. On smaller breeds, like Yorkshire Terriers or a Maltese, you may be able to use human clippers, but on dogs with thick coats and lots of hair/fur, you want to use professional grade clippers meant for dogs (and make sure you get replacement blades, too!). Please shop at Zen Pet Supplies for dog clipper replacement blades today!